Industrial Electricity and all Its Components is More Complex and Takes Awareness and Training

While any electrical wiring or components whether residential or commercial should be up kept to the highest standards to prevent fire, shock and other hazards, providing industrial electrical services and components is much more labour intensive and takes a great deal of knowledge.  Industrial properties have distinct needs and the electricians who manage, inspect, install and trouble-shoot the massive electrical infrastructure does require extensive knowledge and training.  Even a small problem can turn into a large issue when even one generator or transformer malfunctions and it is not always easy to determine where a problem is stemming from as all systems will be affected by even one minor issue.  A shut down of all elements within the industrial property will then occur which has a negative impact on the industrial property and its production levels.

Only a well-trained and established company should be used for industrial electrical services

While all individual business owners of all sizes seek the most affordable solution to their problems, when dealing with electrical services, calling a small independent electrical contractor is never the best solution.  Industrial electricians can be affordable, and the training of the staff much more intensive and complete, making the services of a larger electrical firm, who deals with industrial types of electrical services routinely an absolute necessity.  CSG Electric, services the GTA and provides the type of technicians, services, products, and maintenance that is needed to keep any size industrial plant up and running smoothly.  Troubleshooting is the CSG focus and this is a primary need for industrial plants.  One small “glitch” in any large industrial electrical system can lead to major and expensive business losses or even hazards. 

Licensing and building codes exist in Toronto and can be quite exacting. 

Any industrial entity in Toronto and the GTA is subject to coding and zoning requirements as well as licensing specifications which must be maintained to not only open safely but stay open.  Failure to comply in even a small manner will result in the closure of any industrial entity.  The larger the entity, the more safety and adherence to these guidelines becomes as several employees might be working simultaneously at any given time.  According to the Ontario Building Code, there are very exacting and strict requirements, even as to the amount of lighting needed, and ingress and egress requirements.   The standards set forth the building code of Toronto do specify certain area and maintenance of all electrical equipment as well as other mandates, but the requirements for electrical installation and maintenance are extremely exacting. 

Even when designing an industrial property, every electrical specification is spelled out in Ontario.

From conduits to conductors, to transformers and areas where the main electrical generators will be installed and maintained, the government of Ontario takes the maintenance and servicing of all industrial electrical components very seriously.  Every industrial property also must take these issues very seriously not just for compliance but for the safety of its employees also.  Calling CSG Electric is a good first start towards safety and compliance.

About CSG Electric

CSG Electric has been in business for years providing electrical parts, services, inspections and maintenance to both businesses, large and small and even private property homeowners.  Right now, they are focusing on the installation and upkeep of industrial electrical components as well as the upkeep.  A full list of their services and products as well as the building codes they follow is listed on their website.  There is a contact form, and email, a phone, a map of service areas, and free initial service calls. 

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