India’s leading image consultant Neha D Gupta is changing the face of several affluent Indians in the society

Neha D Gupta is one of the leading Image consultants in India who has several elite members of the society beelined for getting her services. As an expert image consultant and owner of Pegasis Image consultancy, Neha offers her valuable guidance to hundreds of clients using proven techniques and methods. With her expertise and team of skilled professionals, she offers her services to both Individuals and Corporates for building a positive and influential image in the society.

Image consulting has gained a great boost over the past decade as a number of people are understanding the importance of presenting themselves in an influential and impressive manner to the world, especially the elite in the society. Those involved in fields such as entertainment, business, media among others are majorly concerned about image consulting and look forward to popular leading consultants in India such as Neha D Gupta.

Pegasis Image consultancy or PIC offers image consulting, grooming and counseling service to the clients considering the recent trends for bringing out the true abilities and personality of the client which helps them in achieving success in life. The reason Neha D Gupta has gained such reputation in the market is because she believes in treating each client with utmost respect and maintain their privacy while also customize the program based on individual needs.

The programs for individuals offered by the firm include lifestyle evaluation, personal style evaluation, wardrobe evaluation, grooming and make-up, etiquette, personal shopping and styling and body language among others. These programs are aimed at enhancing the image and personality of an individual both externally and internally.

The main focus is to evaluate the factor, find out loopholes and support the client in overcoming those loopholes using right methods. Using these programs, the client will be able to incorporate the right habits into their life which will ultimately reflect externally through their personality.

Corporates and even the smaller companies too are understanding the importance of building a good brand image in the market. Pegasis Image Consultancy offers many programs such as sales training, image management, communication of clothes, color concept and hierarchy, corporate etiquette and makeup for corporate women among others which help the corporate in building a well groomed and motivated workforce while also maintain a better image in the market.

About Neha D Gupta

Neha D Gupta is the founder and lead image counselor of Pegasi Image Consultancy. She’s trained by Judith Rasband, the CEO and Director of Conselle Institute of Image Management who is also among the first image consultants in the world. She was recently interviewed by about Image consultation in the show business. She has done extensive communication skill program and extensive make at Christine Valmy.

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