Indian Visa for Russian Citizens and Singapore Citizens

Indian Visa for Russian Citizens

It’s no secret that India is a very touristy country. There are many things to do in this nation beyond visiting the Taj Mahal. Here you can enjoy delicious dishes such as Chana Masala or explore the famous River Gange. The list is so long.

But in order to enter this nation and feel comfortable, it is essential to have an e-Visa for India, an electronic document that is easy to obtain. You can also apply for this document in a few minutes via

How to apply for an electronic Indian Visa for Russian Citizens?

The process of Indian electronic visa application consists only of 3 stages:

1. First of all, choose the purpose of your Indian trip (tourism, medical, or business) and next click the button ‘Apply Online.’

2. In the second step, you will be asked to provide some of your personal data and travel details, submit the required passport photos and other supporting documents (if applicable), and your face photo. Once you have uploaded all of these, you need to pay a visa fee.

3. Refresh your e-mail and check if a confirmation number is already in your inbox. That’s it! Now, you have to wait for your electronic Indian visa to arrive within a max. 72 hours.

How long can Russian citizens stay in India with e-Visa?

There are 3 different types of India e-Visas that allow their holders to reside in the country for a specific period of time:

  • e-Tourist: a multiple entry permit issued to all travellers for tourism purposes. The E-Tourist Visa is valid for one year and its holder can stay for a total of 90 days, either consecutively or spread over several visits.
  • e-Business: A multiple entry permit for business travellers attending conferences or business activities in India. It is valid for one year and its holder can stay for a total of 180 days, either consecutively or spread over several visits.
  • e-Medical: a triple entry visa issued for medical reasons. It has a shorter validity than the other two, namely only 4 months. Its owner can stay up to a total of 60 days, either during a single stay or spread over three visits.

India e-Visa requirements for the Russian citizens

The requirements that Russian citizens must meet to complete the online visa application successfully are as follows:

  • ·e-Tourist visa: a photograph of a biometric page of your valid passport; your face photo.
  • ·e-Business visa: the same requirements as above plus an invitation sent by an Indian partner company or its business card
  • ·e-Medical visa: a photograph of a biometric page of your valid passport; your face photo; written document issued by a hospital in India or any other medical institution confirming that you undergo medical treatment in the country (basic details like length of stay in India and type of treatment).

Indian Visa for Singapore Citizens

India has launched an e-visa facility for citizens from 138 countries to visit the country. The Indian government has made it more convenient for Singaporeans to visit India.

India and Singapore are two countries with a very close relationship. Both countries have a lot of trade and investment between them. This has increased the flow of citizens from both countries to the other. The Government of India has issued a rule that a Singaporean citizen can obtain Indian Visa online. This will make the online Indian Visa application process for a Singaporean citizen very easy.

How to apply for an Indian Visa for Singapore Citizens?

Singapore is a popular tourist destination and if you are planning to visit India for vacation or travel, you need to know how to apply for India Visa. An e-Visa is a digital visa available for most countries and is the most convenient way to obtain a tourist visa for India. In order to obtain an e-Visa, you will need an Indian Visa Application Form, a valid passport, a credit card and an internet connection. You will need to present your passport, a copy of your return flight ticket, a copy of your bank statement for the past three months, etc.

Required documents for Indian Visa for citizens of Singapore

In order to get a visa for India, Singapore citizens must provide the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Duly completed Form signed by you.
  • Application form and Photo (in duplicate) A recent passport size photograph, in colour and on a white background, showing a full front view of the applicant with a bare head, with a light background (two-inch size photographs are normally acceptable).
  • The photograph must be free of any red eye. The passport must have at least six months of remaining validity and should contain at least one blank visa page.
  • In the case of a minor, both parents should sign the application form. If either of the parents is unable to sign, it should be stated clearly on the application form.
  • Additional documents (to be submitted only if required by the Indian High Commission)

How long may a citizen of Singapore stay on an Indian visa?

The length of visas for Singapore citizens travelling to India depends on the purpose of the visit and the length of the visa. Citizens of Singapore can enter India without a visa and stay up to 180 days. However, the 180-day limit only applies to tourist visas. If you want to stay longer in India, you can apply for Business Visa, Marriage Visa or Medical Visa. India offers E-Tourist Visa and E-Business Visa to citizens. from Singapore. India is one of the few countries that allows Singaporeans an automatic six-month tourist visa extension, which can be easily and inexpensively applied for at any Indian embassy or consulate.

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