Indian Visa for Australian, Spanish and Belgian Citizens

Indian visa for Australian citizens

Australian citizens and passport holders have had access to Indian visas for Australia citizens online visa applications for India since 2014. This India Visa allows tourists from Australia and other nations to visit India for some time. These small trips can last anywhere from 30 to 180 days depending on the purpose of the trip. To travel to India, Australians can obtain one of five e-Visas. Australian Citizens can visit India for business, pleasure or medical reasons as per the rules of eVisa India.

Australian citizens can now travel to India  for up to one month (double entry) for short term leisure activities such as sightseeing, visiting family and attending a yoga program or class thanks to the recent introduction of the electronic system (eTourist). Indian Tourist Visa.

According to the Indian visa policy, all nationals of Australia need an approved visa to visit India no matter the duration of their intended stay or the motive for travelling to the country.

The Indian eVisa application for Australians is available to travellers who wish to obtain a visa for short stays in India for:

  • Tourism activities such as sightseeing, visiting friends or family, undertaking a short yoga programme, or transiting through India on a cruise
  • Business purposes, such as to attend meetings, conferences, workshops, or symposiums, or for contact negotiations or recruitment activities in India

Indian visa for Spanish  citizens

Spanish  citizens and holders of Spanish  passports may now apply for an Indian visa for Spanish  citizens online via the Indian government as of 2014.

Citizens of Sweden and other nations can stay in India for a short time with this visa. These small trips can last anywhere from 30 to 180 days depending on the purpose of the trip. Spanish citizens can obtain one of five types of electronic visas for India. (also known as India eVisa). Spanish visa regulations allow citizens to visit India for various purposes including tourism, business and medical care.

Yoga programs and classes lasting less than six months are eligible for an electronic visa called a tourist visa. There are three options for length of  stay: one year or five years for  single entry, or one month for  double entry (multiple entries into India with two permanent visas).

Indian Visa for Belgian citizen

Belgian nationals may now apply for Indian Visa for Belgian citizens online as of 2014. Belgian people don’t need to worry about documentation since the application for an Indian visa is computerised.

The Indian government has received official approval for this method through the eVisa India project, which is why it is offered on this website. Belgian citizens and residents can now visit and travel to India with the new e-Visa scheme for various business and humanitarian purposes. and tourism

Indian nationals from Belgium may submit online visa applications in 135 currencies, including euros and debit/credit/PayPal. Belgians’ applications for visas to India are simple. You may submit your application for an Indian visa by rapidly filling out an online form and using a simple payment method for Indian Visa for Belgian citizen

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