Indian Visa Application Online allows people to apply for 5 Year Indian e-Tourist Visa in a short time

Indian e-visa or India online Visa is similar to the ordinary paper visa. The main difference is that it’s an electronic document, while the other is a paper visa. Both have different application processes, and applying for a paper visa through the embassy is much harder than applying for an Indian Visa Online. By applying for a visa online, an individual can save time, energy and money. They can choose the India Visa Online service that doesn’t require any paperwork to be submitted. All these problems can be solved by choosing the online method of Visa application through The visa application process involves a three-step process. First, fill in the Visa application form and provide valid information and upload any necessary documents. After the verification process is completed, applicants will receive the e-Visa. Applicants can take a printout of the e-Visa or use its soft copy at the airport based on their requirements. Lastly, enter India using this e-Visa.


Since September 2019, Indian Immigration Authority has overhauled its e-Tourist Visa policies to include more people. Applicants can apply for a 5 year India e-Tourist Visa if they wish to visit India for sightseeing or recreation, casual visits to meet friends and family, or participate in a short-term Yoga program. To start the 5 year e-Tourist visa application, the applicant can visit and fill out the application form with the important details. Applicants must provide valid information in the application form. Documents may be required, which can be uploaded to the website or through a link in an email. A passport and credit/debit card is necessary for this process, and email is provided because an e-Visa will be sent there. A credit card or debit card is required to pay the visa application fee, which will be charged during the application process.


An Urgent Indian Visa is given to outsiders who need to come to India on a crisis premise. It is also called an Emergency Indian visa. If you live out of India, and you have to come to India for a crisis or urgent reason such as the death of your relative or loved one, going to court for legal purposes or your relative or loved one is experiencing a serious illness, then you can apply for an urgent tourist visa to enter into India. Getting an Emergency Visa is harder than other visas because it requires proof of your emergency.

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