Indian e-Visa applicants are now able to utilize the helpdesk, email recovery, and many other facilities.

On applying for Indian Visa Online via, the applicants can utilize a lot of facilities. Email recovery to recover lost e-Visa, support, and assistance 24/7 by email, and privacy protection are some of its important benefits.

Indian Visa Online is an electronic travel document introduced by the Indian Government in 2014 for visitors from 180 foreign countries. The citizens of all these 180 countries are eligible for obtaining an Indian e-Visa, which allows them to visit the country for tourism, medical and business visits. Different e-Visas are available for different purposes of visits like tourist e-Visa, medical e-Visa, and business e-Visa. Applicants are allowed to choose their suitable e-Visa during the eTA application.

Indian Visa for Iceland citizens

Iceland was a launch member of the India e-Visa program; thus, Iceland citizens can enjoy the fast entry facility. They can easily apply for an Indian e-Visa via, by filling out the Visa application, uploading the necessary documents, and paying the Indian Visa fee. The verification process won’t take long and the Indian e-Visa will be issued within 3 to 4 business days. It will be sent directly to the applicant’s email id; thus, making it more comfortable for them to take a printout or even use the soft copy at the airport.

Indian Visa for Greek citizens

Greek citizens can apply for any kind of Indian e-Visa based on their purpose of visit. Indian e-Visas allow Greek citizens to make short-term stays ranging between 30, 90, and 180. The number of days of stay and Visa validity depends on the type of e-Visa. Indian e-Visa for Greek citizens can be used for multiple entries into India until the Visa validity ends. Greek citizens just need a valid passport (valid for at least three months past the departure date), email address, and credit or debit card to apply for an Indian e-Visa. Since the eTA application is completely online-based, applicants can complete it from their homes using a mobile, computer, or tablet.

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