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“This market research report is 129 pages with 33 Figures and 14 Tables. India Home Automation Market is expected to cross the figure of INR 30,000 Crore by 2022”
Home Automation in India is creating big opportunity not only for Indian automation companies, but also for foreign companies. At present Residential customers have highest market share, whereas in product category, Security Market is the clear winner in Indian home Automation Market. Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmadabad and Bangalore, all of these five cities combined market share was more than 50 percent in the total home automation market.

India has big opportunities in the home automation industry. Growing working population, increasing per capita spending and middle-class population attracts not only domestic players but foreign players too. It is anticipated that India home automation market will grow in double digit during the forecasting period and expected to cross the figure of INR 30,000 Crore by 2022. Our report Title “India Home Automation Market by Types (Lighting, Security, Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning, HVAC, Entertainment) By User (Residential, Commercial & Hospitality) Company Profiles & Forecast” describes the following points:

•    India home automation market and market share analysis

•    India home automation market analysis by product category (Lighting, Security, Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning, HVAC, Entertainment)

    India home automation market analysis by customer category (Residential, Commercial & Hospitality)

•    Company Profile covers (Larsen & Toubro, Schneider Electric, Johnson Controls, AMX LLC, Crestron Electronics, Home Brain, Pert and Silvan Innovation Labs)


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Startups are Keen to Enter in India Home Automation Market

Home automation industry in India has big potential to grow. So a lot of startups are showing interest in this marketplace. Some of them are Oakter, Inoho,, Silvan Innovation Labs, SharpNode, Home Brain, Cubical Labs, Thasmai Automation, Metagan Technologies Private Limited, eDomotics etc. Reliance Jio is also entering home automation business. Jio offers home automation and surveillance system.


The World is Full of Innovation

Nowadays, a number of innovations are being developed across the globe and India is also becoming the part of this innovation process. Slowly but Indian consumers are in the process to change traditional home device with smart home devices such as Wi-Fi cameras, digital locks and smart switches, smart TV, smart refrigerator, digital music zoning system. Smart lighting and smart security products are also big demandable products by India consumers.


Indian Consumers Start with Home Automation Products Trail Base 

Most of the Indian consumers are not aggressively adopted all types of home automation products or do not ready to change their home infrastructure with the automated smart home, suddenly. Instead of, they experience with one or two products and after that, they can ready to move further enhance in their home. 


India Home Automation Market Analysis by Category

India home automation market belongs to several categories. On the basis of product features it is categorized by Home Automation Lighting, Home Automation Security, Home Automation HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) and Home Automation Entertainment; However on the basis of customer category, this market is divided into three category: Residential Home Automation, Commercial Home Automation and Hospitality Home Automation.


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Table of Contents

1.    Executive Summary

2.    India Home Automation Market (2013 – 2022) 

3.    India Home Automation Share & Forecast (By Products,  User Types) (2013 – 2022) 

4.    By Product – India Home Automation Market (Lighting, Security, HVAC, Entertainment) (2013 – 2022) 

5.    By User Types – India Home Automation Market (Residential, Commercial, Hospitality) (2013 – 2022) 

6.    India Home Automation Market Analysis by 19 Cities

7.    India Home Automation Product Profiling
7.1    Established Companies Product Profiling – (Larsen & Toubro TELETASK, Schneider Electric, Johnson Controls, AMX, Crestron Electronics) 

7.2    Startup Companies Product Profiling – (Home Brain, Pert, Silvan Innovation Labs) 

8.    Smart City Project Boost in India Home Automation Market

9.    Indian Internet of Things (IoT) Market & Home Automation Market Share Analysis

10.    Indian Internet of Things (IoT) Product Profiling

11.    India Home Automation Market – Growth Driver

12.    India Home Automation Market – Challenges

13.    Home Automation Company Strategy in India (Established Companies, Startups Companies, B2B, B2C)

14.    Established Company Profiling

15.    Startup Company Profiling


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