‘INDIA GST FOR BEGINNERS’ by Jayaram Hiregange & Deepak Rao Released Worldwide

“India GST for Beginners by Jayaram Hiregange and Deepak Rao, published by White Falcon Publishing”
A book that covers the most crucial topic of today’s times in the taxation domain in India.

India GST for Beginners by Jayaram Hiregange and Deepak Rao published by White Falcon Publishing has been released worldwide.

Goods & Services Tax (GST), replacing the existing Indirect Tax regime, has been keenly awaited in India for over a decade. GST is expected to harmonize the indirect tax system across the country and support in the growth and development of the economy. GST implementation will lead to a business transformation impacting each and every aspect of the business. The present political scenario looks promising for GST implementation in India by April 1, 2017 and at this juncture, it is necessary to have an understanding of the concepts of GST.

The objective of this book is to explain the key concepts of India GST in an easy, simple and non-technical manner that would enable the readers to get a basic understanding of GST that is proposed to be implemented in India. The book explains the concepts of GST with the help of pictures, drawings, flowcharts and illustrations so as to provide practical insights and examples into how GST would impact the businesses. This book would be useful to the business managers, non-tax professionals, proprietary, small and mid-size businesses, CEOs, CFOs, tax students and other interested readers in attaining a good understanding of the concepts of India GST.

Both Jayaram Hiregange and Deepak Rao are Partners at Acer Tax & Corporate Services LLP.

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