Independence Day & Flag Frame App

Make Perfect Memories Together

22 June, 2017 – Tired of flag apps covering the faces and places in your photos?  TNehisi announces the launch of the first flag frame app that doesn’t cover or obscure your photo or selfie. 

Over 200 bright and colorful frames that border your photos and adds a discreet flag design.  Flag Frames app does not overlay or superimpose the selected flag over the photo.  You can make the border as transparent or as bold as you want.

Going abroad on vacation? Frame your travel pictures with the country’s flag; simply and beautifully. Tracing your ancestry?  Use Flag Frames app to highlight your family tree.

Added bonus: One download gives you complete access. There are no ads or in-app purchases. 

Added, added bonus:  Impress your friends when you can identify international flags.  “How did you know the flag with the three armored legs was the Isle of Man?” “Flag Frames app!!”

About TNehisi:

TNehisi developed this app with the proceeds of a crowdfunding project that was managed by NYC Business Solutions in conjunction with Kiva NY.  TNehisi is also a finalist in the PowerUP Business Plan contest and a Ben Appelbaum Foundation fellow.

Media Contact
Company Name: TNehisi
Phone: 347-441-0429
Country: United States