Inbot, recognized as the best AI startup at the Global Blockchain Competition, gearing up for token sale

Inbotan artificial intelligence powered platform for trusted business introductions, was recognized as the Best Blockchain AI in 2018 at the recent Global Blockchain Competition.

Inbot is an AI startup founded and run by serial entrepreneurs. Built on the vision of providing human opportunity in the age of AI, Inbot leverages InToken cryptocurrency to provide its Ambassadors long term income for their business introductions.

During the past months, Inbot has grown to over 59,000 members in 161 countries, providing access to 7M professionals. With revenues and the community growing rapidly, Inbot is now starting the presale of InToken ICO

AI for business opportunity detection

People Graph AI is Inbot’s proprietary artificial intelligence that finds the best person to make an introduction to each customer from the Inbot Ambassador community. Smart contracts on a blockchain enables Inbot to monitor and reward trustworthy behavior in the community. Blockchain and AI are a powerful combination of cutting edge technologies that help scale business with trust and in compliance with regulations.

“EU’s GDPR regulation makes it much more difficult for businesses to build target customer lists in their CRMs. You have to have a permission from each customer to add their personally identifiable information to the CRM. With Inbot, you do not need to store personal data before meeting the customer. You just need to know the job title of the decision maker,” says Mikko Alasaarela, founder of Inbot.

He continues: “People often ask me about the difference between Inbot and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. LinkedIn sells your data to advertisers and gives your money to their shareholders. We do not sell your data, and we pay you for your contribution to the community.”

Business growth through trust

Inbot was founded to solve a common problem in the way companies develop their sales pipelines: how to reach out to business customers without spamming and cold calling. These methods combined with aggressive growth targets often make the day of a salesperson miserable and filled with rejection. Cold outreach has a negative effect on customers too, making them often angry and distrusting.

Harvard Business Review says 84% of all B2B deals start with a referral. Inbot scales this model, helping companies reach out to millions of contacts, while drastically improving conversion rates.

“Inbot helps B2B companies to grow and expand their business globally. The Inbot Ambassadors serve as trusted allies in target markets, helping businesses scale faster at a lower cost,” says Ameetess Dira, Inbot COO.

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