“In Your Nakedness, I Still Loved You” by Raquel G Page Focuses On The Need To Speak Out For Victims And Survivors Of Abuse

“In Your Nakedness, I Still Loved You” is a lovely read that focuses on the prevalent cases of abuse and how healing can end the darkness that lies in one’s past.

Forgetting what is behind, as it says in Philippians 3:13–14, can only happen after healing. This kind of trauma makes it almost impossible to have a good relationship with one’s Creator or Savior. The negative effects may persist throughout the victim’s life and cause detrimental mental or physical issues. 

According to various data, 1 out of every 5 girls and 1 out of every 7 boys have been the victims of abuse in their lifetime. Even with widespread media attention in past decades, the number of victims has escalated.  Many are taken advantage of, while many are forced into abuse. While most of them are afraid to speak out, they are always left with a lingering feeling that keeps hurting them mentally until it is addressed successfully.

In Your Nakedness, I Still Loved You” provides perspective clarity, unexpected solutions to embrace, and a chance to live once more. The author cautions anyone who has gone through this to avoid waiting as long as she did to be made whole.

Sharing her thoughts, Raquel G Page, the author of “In Your Nakedness, I Still Loved You,” says, “I wasn’t prepared to confront the events that took place behind closed doors until I was 61 years old. Most people live in constant fear of what the solutions they seek might hold. They think God abandoned them or didn’t care about them enough to protect them. The feeling of rejection is strong.”

She continues, “Pretending that abuse, albeit of any kind, never took place just because it happened when you were a child often causes a trauma that can last a lifetime. You never forget anything. Due to false perspectives that keep a person bound, healing will never take root.

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