In Tune and on Time: Intercept Music Ushers in Future of Independent Music Business

Pioneering Music Distribution/Marketing Platform Intercept Aims to Change the Lives of 12 million Independent Artists

Music is being released at the unprecedented rate of 100,000 new songs per day, and the odds of “getting discovered” have never been lower for musicians. In the United States, just 5,000 artists have major label deals, and more and more musicians are choosing to remain independent, adopting new technologies to market and monetize their music. Rather than focusing on writing, recording and playing the music they love, music makers are often overwhelmed with marketing, social media, finances and catching up to the latest technology.

Supporting musicians, labels and fans everywhere, Intercept Music (OTC Pink:SNWR) is the future for independent artists. This modern, managed solution for musicians is modeled after the Amazon stores concept and represents a new direction for independent artists and the music industry as a whole. Its hallmarks are world-class distribution and royalty collection, industry-specific marketing and social media outreach, online merchandising and monetization for musicians across the globe. Intercept essentially intercepts an out-of-date model and transforms it into solid gold for everyone in the industry.

Essential, stand-out business tools for music makers.

While artists can turn to a variety of platforms for independent music distribution, Intercept’s higher-tier business and marketing tools and services set the company apart by offering everything an independent artist needs in one place. From distribution to marketing and social media to merchandising, artists enjoy custom support for every aspect of their business.

Intercept’s distribution is powered by Ingrooves UMG, the biggest global distributor in the industry, reaching more than 230 countries and connecting musicians with mega worldwide sites such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, SoundCloud and YouTube as well as major regional sites, specialty genres and specialty sites that encompass vinyl, gaming and song recognition.

The company’s concierge-style service expands to feature tailored marketing on all major social media platforms, including help writing and scheduling all posts, and custom merchandising. Reviews, ad campaigns and playlist promotions all contribute to build awareness, grow sales and attract new fans. Artists can choose from multiple plans that begin with distribution and grow to full online storefronts and personalized, one-on-one support.

Additionally, artist roster monitoring and management for labels provides one dashboard for all artists and one-stop distribution and marketing for multiple musicians and bands. Not only is Intercept a win for musicians, it is a boon to labels and managers as well.

Intercept saves artists’ time, simplifies their earnings and hones marketing strategies while providing a clear picture of each musician’s business. By providing essential business and marketing tools and a full suite of monetization services, Intercept offers unlimited potential by growing along with its artists.

A high-fidelity business model with multiple paths to monetization.

Partnering with artists to help them build their global fan base and bolster their careers, Intercept Music delivers on a proven business model that dually serves artists and manages online stores. As a public company, Intercept is structured for growth, and has partnered with some of the top music companies and marketing through premier social platforms.

The Intercept Plus program expands upon the Amazon model of running storefronts for other businesses, capitalizing on the fact that artists come with their own fans. Likewise, they are constantly producing new music, which then spurs new merchandise and sales opportunities. Intercept takes a  reasonable management fee from all managed sources, reports gross revenue and then commissions the artists, also providing full analytics and transparent reporting. They even file the monthly sales tax reports for each of the artist stores.

Intercept Plus offers a comprehensive go-to-market strategy encompassing direct outreach to major label and booking agency partnerships, targeted advertising and editorials, celebrity reps and access to major fan groups by genre.

Intercept’s experienced team of tech and music execs has responded to exactly what the market needs, when it needs it, as many music makers have struggled without live events during the pandemic.

A star-studded team and board draw on industry expertise and connections.

A fortuitous marriage of experience and technology, the Intercept team has helped artists earn more than 100 Grammys and boasts a dozen software patents for technology built into products such as Skype. With the prominent leadership of music executives—including the former president of Universal Music—financial executives and technology pros, Intercept Music also has a team of 15 brand ambassadors with 100-plus combined years of industry experience.

Intercept’s technical team has depth too. They have pioneered many new technologies, now incorporated into products like Skype and WhatsApp, and have authored more than a dozen US and foreign patents.  There’s no doubt what’s under the hood here.

The prestigious leadership team and board of directors at Intercept are proud to “build a home” for independent artists and bands while structuring the market for growth with a proven business model. Their trifecta of experience, deep industry expertise and technological prowess will drive interest and confidence alike.

Intercept is a haven for independent artists seeking a new platform and new ideas. With top-of-the-line marketing and business tools for artists, Intercept Music is a surefire #1 hit as it brings music to the world and to investors’ ears.

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