In the Name of Youth and Fueled by Dedication | NHU’s Analysis and Testing Center Recognized as a “Zhejiang Youth Excellence Center”

The NHU Research Institute’s Analysis and Testing Center was recently honored as a Zhejiang Youth Excellence Center for the year 2022-2023.

With 90.9% of its members being young individuals, the Analysis and Testing Center embodies a dynamic and energetic team committed to excellence and innovation. Serving as a crucial pillar in NHU’s technical framework, the team upholds a work philosophy characterized by scientific rigor, accuracy, and efficiency, along with a meticulous and detail-oriented approach. Their dedication to scientific research, innovation, and industrial development ensures the provision of high-quality analytical testing services, earning widespread acclaim through accurate and reliable test data. Not only do they possess solid professional expertise, but they also exhibit a positive mindset, continuously striving for new achievements, exploring innovative technologies and methodologies, and injecting fresh momentum into the realm of analysis and testing.

Embracing a culture of mentorship, the Analysis and Testing Center fosters a spirit of craftsmanship characterized by unwavering focus, pursuit of perfection, meticulousness, and a relentless quest for excellence. Through continuous learning and training, coupled with close integration with new product development and research topics, alongside collaborations between academia and industry, as well as activities such as business training, skills competitions, and vocational training, the Center enhances the professionalism of its young staff. As a result, the Center was recognized as the Shaoxing City Youth Workers Skill Development Site and the 2022 Shaoxing City Science and Technology Pioneer Post. Since 2022, the Center has completed over 27,000 batches of sample testing, achieving a remarkable 100% accuracy rate in test results. In 2023, it successfully obtained the CNAS National Laboratory Accreditation Certificate.

Aligned with NHU’s mission of “Creating Wealth, Elevating Employees, and Benefiting Society”, the Analysis and Testing Center actively engages in various social voluntary activities, leveraging scientific and technological capabilities to contribute to societal development. Through the open sharing platform of social testing resources in Xinchang County, the Center provides testing services to over 30 small and medium-sized enterprises. In 2023, it established a joint police-enterprise laboratory with the Public Security Bureau of Xinchang County, leveraging technology and expertise to enhance public security.

Moving forward, NHU remains committed to deepening the development of the Youth Excellence Center, strengthening grassroots organizational cohesion, leadership, and service, and leading all young employees in exemplifying youthful vigor through tangible actions to realize common prosperity and contribute to social development.

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