““Before bringing home a puppy, be sure to plan ahead and have essentials on hand to make sure the new addition to your home and family feels secure and welcomed,” says Patra De Silva, President of NHV Natural Pet Products. rnrn”
National Puppy Day is Friday, March 23rd. Getting a puppy is exciting, but it’s important to make sure you are prepared for your new fur baby.

NHV Natural Pet Products — makers of veterinarian-approved and formulated plant-based natural supplements from organically grown and wild crafted herbs – offers some basic tips on how to keep your new puppy healthy and happy.

Planning Ahead

You’ll need to have the essentials on hand before you bring your new puppy home, including a vented, top-handled travel crate, a puppy harness and short leash, a wire crate with bedding plus one extra bed, stainless steel food and water bowls, a nylon collar (loose enough to fit two fingers under it) with a tag listing your contact information, vet recommended puppy food, dry puppy-safe treats, and chew toys.

Bringing Puppy Home

When your puppy is ready to come home, bring a toy or a cloth that has been rubbed on their mother or litter mates.  Make sure you collect the complete medical records of what was done and what is due in terms of shots and other health issues. Carry clean water and treats and a harness with a leash (don’t expect to carry your pet home in your hands). Don’t give your new puppy the full run of the house right away. Keep them close to you. If you can’t be in the same room as your puppy, have them stay in their crate or an ex-pen. This will prevent your puppy from getting into anything dangerous. It also helps with house training as it gets you used to your puppy’s “bathroom cues” and also gets your puppy used to being kenneled. Just make sure the crate is big enough for them to move around comfortably. You can put a heart beat sound effect “song” on loop for the puppy when they are sleeping. The song mimics their mother’s heart beat and may help them feel more comfortable.  

Care and Feeding

Bring home some of the puppy food they were originally eating.  Start feeding your new puppy what they were previously eating, and very slowly introduce new food. It’s also important to make sure the new puppy drinks plenty of water.  Goat’s milk in very small amounts is a great snack to give a new puppy. Get them used to muzzles, brushing their teeth, getting groomed, and getting their nails clipped from an early age. Remember to not give your pet a bath within 2 days of them having their shots.

A Healthy Start

Sometimes new puppies have diarrhea or other digestive issues — perhaps from a bacterial infection or parasites or food allergies.  The NHV Puppy Starter Kit includes Plantaeris and Inulin PK for natural relief for digestive disorders. Plantaeris, a fast-acting, gentle herbal extract is designed to reduce symptoms of diarrhea. Inulin PK is an herbal product made to fight parasites, control bleeding, and repair internal damage caused by worms.  The Puppy Starter Kit also features other natural products to keep your new puppy healthy every day, including Multi Essentials vitamins, Target first aid spray, and PetOmega 3 for a healthy heart, healthy coat and immune system.  Always schedule regular visits with a veterinarian to monitor your puppy’s health and make sure they are getting their shots.
House Training

Avoid puppy pads if possible. These teach your puppy that it is ok to eliminate inside. If your puppy is already trained to puppy pads, move the pad closer to the door each time they use it, so eventually they will go to the door when they need to go. Hanging a bell from your doorknob is a great way to teach your puppy to signal they need to go out. Each time you go out, ring the bell with your pup’s foot. In time they will learn this behavior and begin to do it on their own. Be consistent, be patient, and always remember they are babies and they are constantly learning.

Household Tips

You can use bitter apple spray or make your own a pee repellant spray to get your new pet to stop peeing around the house. Mix 2 cups water with 2 cups white vinegar. Add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Spray the mix on the spot 3-4 times a week. The smell is okay for humans and repelling for pets. To help remove pee stains and smells in the house you can purchase enzyme cleaner or make your own at home cleaning solution: Mix half a cup of hydrogen peroxide, a teaspoon of organic dish soap, and add a pet friendly essential oil, like lavender to the solution for making it fragrant. Sprinkle baking soda on the stubborn stain generously (always be sure to test in a small location first), pour the solution on top, let it sit for 15 minutes and mop up.

NHV NATURAL PET PRODUCTS provides veterinarian-formulated supplements derived from natural botanicals to support the health and well-being of pets including dogs, cats and small animals. In addition to the safe and effective manufacture of a full-line of Veterinarian-approved pet supplements that contain organically grown and ethically wild crafted herbs and botanicals, NHV also offers vet consultations to provide professional support and guidance for disease prevention and treatment for over 100 pet health conditions.

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