Improve Non-Emergency Medical Transport for Medicaid and Medicare Patients with SNAH

Improve Non-Emergency Medical Transport for Medicaid and Medicare Patients with SNAH
“While serving our clients, we found that many needed transportation and assistance in making arrangements for their healthcare needs,” said Lopez
Non-emergency medical transport is crucial for many Medicaid and Medicare recipients, especially those with low income. Patients need access to transportation to get to and from doctor’s appointments, the pharmacy, and other crucial locations. Access to NEMT is one of the most significant barriers to health care for these populations. Here’s where the SNAH Ride App can play a role in improving Medicare and Medicaid NEMT services.

What are the Challenges to NEMT Efficiency?

Several challenges prevent non-emergency medical transport services from running smoothly and efficiently. Beneficiaries have frequently cited the following as significant issues they face with NEMT:

Inadequate Provider Networks

One of the most common complaints amongst Medicaid and Medicare NEMT beneficiaries is the inadequacy of provider networks. This can cause late pickups, over-scheduling, and lack of transportation availability. When patients can’t depend on their transportation to pick them up on time or take them where they need to go, it can lead to significant problems that ripple through the system, such as:

• Canceled appointments

• No-show fees

• Missing necessary health care check-ups/prescriptions

• Increased stress levels

• Unused appointments other patients could have used

It’s essential to have a strong network of providers to provide an adequate and dependable NEMT service. With the SNAH Ride App, everyone has an organizational tool that keeps track of all the moving parts and helps to ensure that things run smoothly.

• Patients can schedule bookings

• Drivers can manage bookings

• Patients and drivers can keep track of all rides

• Drivers can track earnings and payments

• Patients can make payments

It’s much easier to manage and keep track of everything in a single location. This helps avoid mix-ups, late pickups, and other NEMT issues that can cause problems for patients.

Lack of Communication and Coordination

Another major challenge with Medicare and Medicaid NEMT is the lack of communication and coordination between providers, patients, and caretakers. This often leads to confusion about appointments, pickups, and drop-offs.

For example, a patient might schedule a transportation provider a week in advance, but the provider forgets to pick them up on the day of their appointment. The patient then has to scramble to find another way to get to their meeting or miss it entirely. This can happen when there is a lack of communication between the various parties providing NEMT services.

It’s essential that everyone involved in the process is on the same page and knows what’s happening at every step.

Cancellations and No-shows

Patients also frequently experience cancellations and no-shows from their transportation providers. This presents a few problems:

• The patient has to reschedule their appointment or miss it altogether

• The provider loses out on business

• It creates a negative reputation for the provider

Cancellations and no-shows are significant issues in the Medicare and Medicaid NEMT world, but you can avoid them with proper communication and coordination. With the SNAH Ride App, patients and providers can stay in touch and ensure that everything is on track.

How Can the SNAH Ride App Reduce Program Costs for NEMT?

There are several ways the SNAH Ride App can help states save money with Medicare and Medicaid NEMT.

Streamline Services

NEMT is efficient and can help reduce program costs for NEMT by streamlining the booking process and improving communication. When patients book their rides through the app, they can enter all their information in advance. This includes their pickup and drop-off locations and any special requirements they might have.

This information is then sent directly to the transportation provider, eliminating the need for phone calls or other forms of communication. This can save a significant amount of time and money and improve the overall efficiency of the Medicare and Medicaid NEMT program.

Another way that the SNAH Ride App can decrease costs is by improving efficiency and reducing lost revenue from no-shows and cancellations for medical providers. Everyone loses when a patient misses an appointment or can’t pick up their medication.

The SNAH Ride App can help reduce missed appointments and cancellations by keeping everyone informed and on track. With this app, patients will know when their ride is scheduled to arrive, and providers will have all the information they need to ensure that the patient gets where they need to go.

This improved communication will lead to fewer missed appointments and, ultimately, lower costs for the NEMT program.

Eliminate Contract Advances with a “Pay As You Go” Service

The SNAH Ride App is a pay-as-you-go service, which means states will only be charged when a patient uses the app to book a ride. This is different from the traditional model, where states have to give out multi-million dollar contracts in advance to transportation brokers. In 2018, the state and the federal government spent $2.6 billion on NEMT on less than 5% of beneficiaries.

With the SNAH Ride App, there is no need to give out large contracts in advance. States will only be charged when a patient uses the app, which can save a significant amount of money.

In addition, the SNAH Ride App offers state governments more transparency and control over how their NEMT dollars are being spent. With this app, states can track how many rides are being booked and see where the money is going. This level of transparency can help states save money by ensuring that their NEMT dollars are being spent efficiently and effectively.

Connect More Patients With Telehealth Services

Telehealth is a growing trend in healthcare, and it can help improve access to care while reducing overall costs. The SNAH Ride App can help connect patients with telehealth providers to get the care they need without having to travel to a doctor’s office. The SNAH Ride App can also help states save money by connecting more patients with telehealth services.

In addition, SNAH software can help connect patients with pharmacies to have their prescriptions delivered to them. This can save a significant amount of time and money, improving patient compliance with their medication regimen.

The SNAH Ride App is a valuable tool for Medicaid and Medicare patients who rely on non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT). This app can help to improve communication and coordination between patients, providers, and caretakers. In addition, it can streamline the booking process and reduce the number of missed appointments and cancellations.

As mentioned before, these are common problems in the NEMT world. If you’re a Medicaid or Medicare recipient who relies on NEMT, download the SNAH Ride App soon. It may improve your health care transportation options.

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