Impact of Cloud Computing in Manufacturing Shared by Manufacturing Journalist TR Cutler

Cloud computing is transforming virtually every facet of modern manufacturing—from how companies operate to how they integrate into supply chains and how they design and fabricate products. This is helping manufacturers innovate, reduce costs, and increase U.S. competitiveness, according to leading manufacturing journalist TR Cutler. U.S. competitiveness must craft a supportive policy environment to maximize adoption of the technology.

According to Cutler, “Cloud computing has permeated virtually all facets of modern manufacturing and is transforming how today’s products are designed, made, and used enabling both large and small manufacturers to accelerate time to market, facilitate collaboration, support supply-chain integration, and increase operational efficiency. The policy environment for U.S. manufacturers and the economy must capture maximum possible benefit from cloud computing and ensure America doesn’t fall behind in this new industrial revolution.”

Cutler recommends actions policymakers can take to ensure cloud computing continues to transform manufacturing and bolster U.S. competitiveness including:

  • Continue funding the Manufacturing Extension Partnership program;
  • Continue supporting the Manufacturing USA program;
  • Create cloud-neutral tech policies;
  • Fund the National Strategic Computing Initiative;
  • Support broadband deployment and investment;
  • Facilitate the commercialization of cybersecurity innovations;
  • Support the development of globally interoperable, industry-led standards; and
  • Negotiate trade agreements that prohibit use of data localization policies.

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