Immediate Smiles Dentures & Dentistry Extends Offer on Fixed Permanent Teeth

Immediate Smiles Dentures & Dentistry Extends Offer on Fixed Permanent Teeth
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Spring, TX – In a move to keep providing high-quality and accessible dental care, Immediate Smiles Dentures & Dentistry has announced an extended offer on its Fixed Permanent Teeth solution. 
The package, priced at an exceptional $9995, is designed to restore smiles and enhance the quality of life for individuals suffering from dental issues.
The inclusive offer covers a full spectrum of dental procedures, ensuring patients receive top-tier care and results. 
“Our mission is to provide exceptional dental care that is both accessible and affordable,” says Dr. Rahul Mehta, a leading surgical dentist at Immediate Smiles Dentures & Dentistry. “With this offer, we’re making it easier for our patients to achieve the smile they’ve always wanted.”
According to a spokesperson at the dental office, the Fixed Permanent Teeth package includes:
  • Removal of Teeth: A necessary step for patients requiring a fresh start to achieve a perfect smile.
  • Bone Recontouring: Essential for preparing the mouth for implants, ensuring they fit perfectly and comfortably.
  • Bone Grafting: A critical procedure for patients with insufficient bone mass to support implants, enhancing the foundation for a stronger, more durable smile.
  • Implant Placement of 4 – 6 Implants for Upper or Lower: The core of the Fixed Permanent Teeth solution, these implants serve as the new roots for your teeth, promising stability and a natural look.
  • Temporary Healing Denture: Provided to ensure patients can continue with their daily lives confidently while they heal and prepare for the final step.
  • Abutments and Final Attachment to Fixed Permanent Teeth: The final step in the process, where the permanent teeth are securely attached, completes the transformation.
Additionally, Immediate Smiles Dentures & Dentistry is offering a complimentary consultation and 3D X-ray to all potential patients. This no-obligation consultation provides valuable insights into the patient’s dental health and the best course of action, tailored specifically to their needs.
Immediate Smiles Dentures & Dentistry is dedicated to transforming lives through innovative dental solutions. With this extended offer on Fixed Permanent Teeth, the practice reaffirms its commitment to making premium dental care accessible to more people, empowering them to smile with confidence.
Understanding the financial aspect of dental care, Immediate Smiles Dentures & Dentistry has made this life-changing package even more accessible with financing options. Qualified patients can avail of the offer for as low as $245 per month, subject to credit approval.
“We understand that the decision to undergo dental surgery is significant, and we want to support our patients every step of the way,” Dr. Mehta adds. “Our team is committed to providing compassionate care, leveraging the latest in dental technology and techniques to ensure the best outcomes.”
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Immediate Smiles Dentures & Dentistry is a leading dental care provider in Spring, TX, committed to transforming lives one smile at a time. With a dedicated team of dental experts, state-of-the-art technology, and a passion for excellence, they provide various services to help individuals achieve their dream smiles.
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