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Imidacloprid is a nitromethylene systemic insecticide, belonging to the chlorinated nicotinyl insecticide, also known as a neonicotinoid insecticide, with the chemical formula C9H10ClN5O2. It has broad-spectrum, high efficiency, low toxicity and low residue, and pests are not easy to develop resistance, and have multiple functions such as contact killing, stomach poisoning and systemic absorption. When pests come into contact with pesticides, the normal conduction of the central nervous system is blocked, causing them to paralyze and die. The product has a good quick-acting effect, and has a high preventive effect one day after the drug, and the residual period is as long as 25 days. There is a positive correlation between the efficacy and temperature, the higher the temperature, the better the insecticidal effect. Mainly used to control piercing-sucking pests.



Mainly used to control piercing-sucking mouthpart pests (can be used alternately with acetamiprid at low and high temperature — imidacloprid for high temperature, acetamiprid for low temperature), such as aphids, planthoppers, whiteflies, leafhoppers, thrips; It is also effective for some pests of Coleoptera, Diptera and Lepidoptera, such as rice weevil, rice worm, leaf miner, etc. But it is ineffective against nematodes and red spiders. It can be used for crops such as rice, wheat, corn, cotton, potatoes, vegetables, sugar beets, and fruit trees. Due to its excellent systemic properties, it is especially suitable for seed treatment and granule application. Generally, 3 to 10 grams of active ingredients are used for mu, sprayed with water or seed dressing. The safety interval is 20 days. Pay attention to protection when applying the medicine, prevent contact with the skin and inhalation of the powder and liquid medicine, and wash the exposed parts with clean water in time after the application. Do not mix with alkaline pesticides. It is not advisable to spray in strong sunlight, so as not to reduce the efficacy.

C Features

To prevent and control Meadowsweet aphid, apple scab aphid, green peach aphid, pear psyllid, leaf roller moth, whitefly, leafminer and other pests, it can be sprayed with 10% imidacloprid 4,000-6,000 times, or 5% imidacloprid EC at 2,000-3,000 times. Control cockroaches: Customers can choose Shennong 2.1% cockroach bait.

The continuous use in recent years has resulted in high resistance, and the use of rice has been banned by the state.Seed treatment usage (take 600g/L/48% suspending agent/suspending seed coating as an example)Can be combined with another sucking mouthpart insecticide (acetamiprid)

: Large-grain crops

1. Peanuts: 40ml of water and 100-150ml of water to coat 30-40 catties of seeds (1 mu of land seeds).

2. Corn: 40ml of water, 100-150ml of water to coat 10-16 catties of seeds (2-3 acres of seeds).

3. Wheat: 40 ml of water with 300-400 ml of coated 30-40 jin seeds (1 mu of land seeds).

4. Soybeans: 40ml of water and 20-30ml of water to coat 8-12 jins of seeds (1 mu of land seeds).

5. Cotton: 10 ml of water and 50 ml of coated 3 catties of seeds (1 mu of land seeds)

6. Other beans: 40 ml of peas, cowpeas, kidney beans, green beans, and etc., and 20-50 ml of water to coat the seeds of one mu of land.7. Rice: Soak the seeds with 10 ml per acre, and sow after the whitening, and try to control the amount of water.

: Small-grain crops

Coat 2-3 catties of rapeseed, sesame, rapeseed, etc. with 40 ml of water and 10-20 ml of water.

: Underground fruit, tuber crops

Potatoes, ginger, garlic, yam, and etc are generally coated with 40 ml of water and 3-4 catties of water to coat 1 mu of seeds.

: Transplanted crops

Sweet potato, tobacco and celery, onion, cucumber, tomato, pepper and other vegetable crops


1. Transplanted with nutrient soil40ml, mix 30kg of crushed soil and mix well with nutrient soil.

2. Transplanted without nutrient soil40 ml of water is the standard to overflow the roots of the crops. Soak for 2-4 hours before transplanting, then mix with the remaining water and crushed soil to form a thin mud, and then dip the roots for transplanting.

Tribenuron-methyl 75%WDG


1. This product cannot be mixed with alkaline pesticides or substances.

2. Do not pollute beekeeping, sericulture sites and related water sources during use.

3. Drugs should be used at the right time, and it is prohibited to use drugs two weeks before the harvest.

4. In case of accidental consumption, induce vomiting immediately and send to hospital for treatment in time.

5. Store away from food to avoid danger.

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