Image Wizards New Technology Brings The Future Of Photos With Metal Prints

Can’t tell if it’s a photo or real life? It’s probably made by image wizards.

Image Wizards take fine art metal printing to a whole new level with an exclusive state-of-the-art sublimation process to provide customers with a high-quality, long lasting metal print. Curious?

In 2003, Roger Laudy perfected his method of Metallic photo prints stemming from his initial invention: Dye sublimation printing. This unique process takes digital images and prints it onto a special kind of paper using sublimation inks. With heat, time, and pressure the inks are turned into vapor molecules, which attach to a specially coated aluminum surface. If that doesn’t boggle the mind already, the finished product will!

Competitors have attempted to replicate the process but none have even come close to the clarity and life-like appearance of these Metal Prints. With 40 years of product development behind it, metal prints guarantee only the best results. Offering fine art printing services and the best online photo printing, Image Wizards will create the image and frame it too!

Each photo print is the product of a painstaking process that takes place one image at a time. It all happens under the skillful eyes and creative talents of highly specialized imaging professionals. Image Wizard’s Complete Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that the Wizard team will work harder than anyone to give the photo a whole knew concept of High Quality.

About Image Wizards

One of the most amazing aspects of this revolutionary method is that when customers choose Image Wizard, they’re also choosing the eco-friendly option. Laudy utilizes recycled aluminum and leaves the smallest carbon-footprint possible in the process. The coating process does not emit VOCs or release harmful chemicals into the air, and will stay that way. Not only does the metal outlast all paper prints by 100 years+, but it will look as good a century from now, as it did the day it’s bought.

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