Illustra Records & Distribution Presents Sean Whyte \”Love Affairs\” 4/28/17

Illustra Records & Distribution announced today Sean Whyte’s “Love Affairs ” EP will be available in Walmart, Target, Best Buy & FYE retail stores 4/28/17.

His Musical influences are the talented Steve Wonder, R. Kelly and Joe Thomas. Sean Whyte has been writing music since the age of 17 and producing since 2006. Sean Whyte’s purpose is to create original R&B music that people will love to listen to and leave a musical footprint in the industry of music. 

Illustra Records & Distribution Exec Breezy Love says “she is thrilled to have found that needle in a haystack artist and is excited for the world to see Sean Whyte’s talent”. Her team is also excited to guide his career and take him to the next level. 

Sean Whyte says “his recent recording deal with the Atlanta based label, Illustra Records & Distribution will take his career to the next level”. He is also ready to bring good entertainment to stages worldwide. 

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About Sean Whyte

Sean Whyte is an R&B/Soul singer whose music is the real R&B that has been missing in the music industry for a long time. This native of Chicago, IL. was inspired to sing by watching his dad practice with his band in the early 1980’s. He began to singing at the tender age of 7, realizing God had given him the talent to sing. 

About Illustra Records & Distribution

Illustra Distribution is a Major Indie Physical & Digital Distribution Company. We offer Music, Video & Film distribution, Radio Campaigns, P.R. Campaigns, Magazine Publications, Music Monetization, Royalty and Rights Management and Marketing.

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