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“The IG Charcoal BBQ makes it easier to grill for large parties and eliminates the need of having a storage table while cooking.”
IG Charcoal BBQ is a stainless steel charcoal barbecue. This barbecue is multi-functional with a grill top that is made especially for cooking skewers. The grill also has other features such as a rotating charcoal handle for raising and lowering the heat level of the charcoal. The grill comes with a sliding ash collector tray for easy and fast cleanup. Lastly, the grill has folding side trays and easy installation.


Los Angeles based-IG Charcoal BBQ, a manufacturer in charcoal barbecues, has hit the market with a brand new Stainless Steel Charcoal grill. The IG Charcoal BBQ has numerous features that a traditional charcoal grill doesn’t have.

“We are excited to bring this new barbecue to market, providing charcoal grill enthusiasts a bigger and multi-functional option. Charcoal grill owners that want more cooking and storage space now have a new option available to them,” said Phillip Sugarman, Sales Manager, IG Charcoal BBQ LLC.

Most grills on the market provide very little storage space. The IG Charcoal BBQ eliminates the need of having an additional table for storing food, utensils, and condiments. The grill offers a storage rack below the grill body that is 14 X 32 inches. The two side trays attached to the grill both measure at 13 X 18.5 inches. Designed for grilling meat and skewers, the grill offers 503 square inches of cooking space on stainless steel grates. The large surface area is one of the best features by making it easier to grill for large parties. The grill can cook up to 30 skewers at a time.

Another feature is the rotating charcoal handle. The handle gives grill enthusiasts the feature of raising and lowering the charcoal tray to change the cooking temperature. This feature lets grillers have the option of char grilling by letting you adjust the oxygen levels and by using less/more charcoal. Other features include: two folding side trays for storing food and utensils, an ash collector tray for easy cleanup, a stainless steel storage shelf, a stainless steel body, and four locking wheels. The Stainless Steel also makes the grill lightweight to carry around.

Each grill grate is removable for easy cleanup and charcoal prep. Each grill is easy to install. The grill comes in seven pieces and once finished the dimensions of the grill are 61.5 inches in length, 18 inches in width and 36.5 inches in height. The grade of the stainless steel is 201.

For more information, visit https://www.igbbq.com/


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