Ideawheel Z5 folding smart electric scooter released in 2016 has gained a huge success

Ideawheel Z5 electric scooter enables riders to enjoy a speed and comfortable scooter riding and it works well in many practical situations. And here is a story from a young and diligent Ideawheel rider who does a happy part-time job with his favorite Z5.

Known to all, Ideawheel is home to many kinds of products, like the mini electric scooter, electric skateboard, smart e bike and smart helmet and so on. Ideawheel Z5 provides an effective and flexible way of daily commuting for riders, bring convenience to people’s daily life. Many Ideawheel riders make use of the tiny and powerful Z5 fast electric scooter for work and daily entertainment, and it has been applied to many practical situations.

Ideawheel Z5

Here is a story from a young rider who does a part-time job with Ideawheel Z5. This rider loves helping others and giving in-time assistance to those people who need love and help. In his neighborhood, many people have a trouble when they are not in house and receive a call from a courier, asking them to picking up the package. With the development of internet services, many people tend to do shopping online and it has become a big problem when people cannot receive the package on time.

Ideawheel Z5

Then the young and warm-hearted Ideawheel rider comes up with a very good idea, and he starts his career of picking up and delivering the package to his neighbors by riding with Ideawheel Z5 foldable electric scooter. With the help of Z5, the rider is able to start his new part-time job in the neighborhood. Since he is always working at home as a copy writer, he is able to pick up packages for his neighbors quickly with his Z5.

Ideawheel Z5

It can easily speed up and provides a very flexible way of scooter riding. So he can ride towards the courier and receive a package easily. And he sorts out the packages and delivers them to his neighbors one by one by riding with Ideawheel Z5 2-wheeled electric scooter later in the day. Truthfully, the package receiving and delivering is really a relaxing and easier activity for the Ideawheel rider.

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