Ideawheel R5 Smart Electric Bike Satisfies Your Needs Greatly

Fashionable in appearance, R5 electric moped bicycle can show your own style. It can also satisfy your various traveling needs with its three riding modes. More than that, light and foldable, it enables you to have an efficient travel.

Focusing on using experience, Ideawheel R5 electric moped pays great attention to your needs. From appearance to functions, R5 doesn’t miss any chance to enhance your using experience. It is fashionable in appearance so as to add charm to you. It also has three riding modes for selection so that it both can satisfy your needs of building up the body and can give you an effortless travel. More than that, light and foldable, it aims to give you an efficient travel.

Idea wheel R5

Through its appearance, R5 electric power bicycle hopes to show its understanding towards fashion and reflect the idea of staying energetic. Simple and elegant in lining and having two frame colors for choice- white and black, which is matched by orange, R5 is trendy while showing the spirit of being vigorous. More importantly, thanks to an advanced low temperature painting technology, the appearance is able to become excellent and to have strong corrosion resistance, realizing longer service life and always staying shiny.

Idea wheel R5

While transmitting a positive attitude through its appearance, R5 shows its own strength with three riding modes available. If you want to build up your body, you can ride R5 under the man-powered mode. If you want to save both your energy and the electric power, you can ride under the power-assisted mode, which offers you a labor-saving ride while prolonging the range. More noticeably, having 11 gears for choice, you can control the amount of electricity transmitted to the wheels. And lastly, if you want to travel efficiently and effortlessly, you can ride under the electricity-assisted mode.   

Idea wheel R5

Offering wonderful riding experience, Idea wheel R5 electric folding bike also tries to greatly facilitate your travel with its considerate design. R5 is light and foldable. And its folding volume is 0.2m3 that can be stored into any corner of the house or car trunk, so that you can enjoy an efficient travel with it. To conclude, having so many traits, Ideawheel R5 electric moped bicycle is a wonderful transport device.

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