iCustoms Receives International Chamber of Commerce Award for “Best Port or Logistics Systems”

iCustoms is delighted to announce its biggest milestone, the “Best Port or Logistics Systems” award-winning by the ICC.

18th April 2024, iCustoms, a leading supplier of trade compliance solutions driven by artificial intelligence (AI), is pleased to announce that it has won the ICC Digital Trade Awards’ “Best Port or Logistics Systems”. This endorsement from the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) highlights iCustoms’ innovation and commitment to assisting companies in handling the difficulties of international trade more accurately and efficiently.

iCustoms: A Proud Winner of the “Best Port or Logistics Systems” Award

ICC has declared the winners of the second annual C4DTI Digital Trade Awards, with iCustoms taking the top spot. With great pleasure, we announce that iCustoms defeated industry giants such as IBM and A.P. Moller-Maersk at the International Chamber of Commerce UK Awards Ceremony.

Using AI to Revolutionise Trade Compliance

Conventional trade compliance procedures can be laborious, error-prone, and manual. These inefficiencies may result in higher expenses, delayed shipments, and even fines for noncompliance. The distinguished AI-driven customs declaration solutions from iCustoms tackle these issues by:

  • Automating Repeated Processes: Data input, commodity classification, and risk assessments are just a few of the repeated processes that iCustoms’ AI automates. This frees up time for staff to work on key objectives.

  • Improving Accuracy and Efficiency: AI-powered solutions ensure consistent and correct data processing throughout the trade compliance process, reducing human mistakes.

  • Cutting Expenses and Delays: Thanks to streamlined procedures and minimised mistakes, businesses can save a lot of money and have speedier processing times.

  • Providing Real-Time Data and Insights: Businesses can make well-informed decisions and maximise their trade compliance strategies with the aid of real-time data and insights from the iCustoms AI platform.

“We are incredibly honoured to receive this recognition from the ICC,” said Adnan Zaheer, Founder & CEO at iCustoms. “This recognition is a credit to our team’s diligence and hard work in creating creative solutions that enable companies to prosper in the international trade compliance marketplace.”

A Dedication to Advancing Digital Trade

The ICC Digital Trade Awards recognise outstanding achievements in streamlining and facilitating international trade through the use of digital technology. With this recognition, iCustoms is positioned as the leader in the development of AI-driven trade compliance products.

“iCustoms is committed to playing a leading role in the advancement of digital trade,” said Adnan Zaheer, Founder & CEO at iCustoms. “We believe AI has the power to completely change the trade compliance game by improving it for companies of all sizes in terms of accuracy, efficiency, and cost.”

About iCustoms

iCustoms is a leading supplier of AI-driven trade compliance solutions. The company’s creative solutions help businesses optimise processes, cut expenses, and guarantee compliance with international trade laws. iCustoms is dedicated to assisting companies to thrive in the international marketplace.

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