IconiqAllure brings revolutionary body armor to the civilian (and military) market

Ballistic vests, known as body armor, have saved soldiers’ lives on the battlefield and police officers’ lives on the streets.

But current ballistic vests are made of heavy, uncomfortable Kevlar, and are often unwieldy to use and wear, leading to some users simply removing them and taking their chances.

IconiqAllure is out to change that. The company, led by composite materials expert Joseph Marsh, is leveraging technology from both the aerospace and fashion industries to create from the ground up a category-leading line of next-generation body armor-integrated clothing, accessories, and other products.

It’s a concept spawned by necessity and forward-looking vision of what the military, police, and consumer market will be demanding, based on ongoing and emerging global conflicts, enhanced domestic police forces, and the safety needs of everyday citizens.

IconiqAllure’s carbon-fiber epoxy resin laminates, once cured, are waterproof, neutral across temperature extremes far beyond human tolerance, lightweight, and extremely durable.

Cost is an important consideration. Current prices paid by the U.S. government for body armor are astronomical. And municipal police forces frequently find themselves unable to afford to equip officers with this vital defense item.

IconiqAllure’s composite materials offer superior, reliable protection, at a fraction of the cost of current ballistic vests.

The company’s products will bridge the technology gaps that have existed from a fabric, construction, and end-product perspective in not only functionality but also form.

The result is affordable body armor and other products for the military and police departments, as well as consumer apparel that merges fashion and aerospace applications.

The consumer can now take advantage of this technology as well, and will no longer have to fear becoming a victim in increasingly dangerous time. IconiqAllure’s solution is everyday apparel that also stops bullets.

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