iCoinbay TPG (Trading Premium Gain) token holds back after recent fluctuations due to USDT price downfall

The recently launched TPG (Trading Premium Gain) token by iCoinbay has gained stability after its price was affected due to last week’s downfall in USDT value. The price of TPG is equal to 0.0853 USDT and as per the latest charts, TPG has shown progress while overall it has maintained consistency in its price. This means that the trading volume of TPG displayed on their website is true and shown in real-time. iCoinbay launched a total of 10 Billion TPG tokens which are truly being used to circulate value in the iCoinbay community and represent the holder’s rights and interests.

Through the TPG plan, iCoinbay distributed TPG token equal to the value of the transaction fees which means everytime a user makes a transaction on the iCoinbay platform, they will receive TPG of a value equal to their transaction fees. The TPG holders will also be entitled to receive a portion of the exchange’s income, through the platform Asset Transparency option, users can know the platform income in a fixed period of time, also they can check out the income distribution plan for each day on the iCoinbay website.

Judging from the income distribution in those weeks, we can say that the benefits are pretty good, the users who hold TPG can gain weekly benefits which accounted for around 0.2% to 0.5% of the total income distribution in average.  Apart from income benefits, users can also gain benefits as the value of TPG increase. Take a look at the K-line, if users hold the TPG from the first day since this plan came out, like 2nd September, for now, they can gain 17 times benefits as the value of TPG increased. Even if those users who enroll into in the middle of September, they can get 40% benefits as the value of TPG increased, and it continues to grow steadily.  Assumed that if a user who held the TPG from the first day, he can gain around 18 times benefits totally from TPG price increased and income distribution, what excited it is!

In addition, to ensure that the token holders do not suffer due to price fluctuations in the secondary market, iCoinbay also introduced an insurance mechanism for corresponding TPG with 100-day. When the 100-day policy expires, iCoinbay will automatically return a value equal to the average value the day the TPG was originally issued to the users. This value will be returned in the form of an equivalent amount of stablecoin (such as USDT). During the 100-day period, when the value of TPG increased, the users are free to terminate the policy and sell its TPG.

Briefly speaking, the users joined iCoinbay will be entitled to the following benefits at least:

  • Receive TPG of equal value to the transaction fees
  • Receive of a portion of platform’s revenue corresponding to the quantity of TPG held by them
  • Receive TPI of equal value to insurance premium
  • Hedged TPG value while the insurance policy is active

iCoinbay is a stable investment-oriented exchange, so when the market is in the downturn, one can consider exchanging a small amount of other currency to TPG for getting more benefits. To gain more advantages, the traders can gain TPG through trading and utilize the aforementioned insurance policy of the iCoinbay platform

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