Ice Cream Digital Solutions Is Equipping Companies and Businesses with The Digital Skills They Require to Succeed in a Technology-Driven World

The dynamic skillsets of the digital solution’s company make them a desired choice for companies requiring digital transformation

The modus operandi of companies has within the last two decades accelerated in a new direction. Digitization trends have considerably influenced the way companies are being run, as businesses have employed varying forms and complexities of technology to execute their tasks. The ability of a company to remain competitive in the coming times rests on their willingness to adopt digital trends. Ice Cream Digital Solutions are aware that the future is digital and have made it their mission to help their clients get increased digital presence.

Ice Cream Digital Solutions is a multidisciplinary creative studio at the intersection of art, design and technology. The company works to explore, create meaning and provoke emotions through digital design and intriguing storytelling. They are the one-stop shop for the business owner who wants their organization to scale up through the power of technology.

Ice Cream Digital Solutions have gradually progressed from digital products, infrastructure, digital distribution and web strategy to more holistic transformations that are primarily focused on mobile, social media, digitalization, and the power of analytics, as they believe it is a new era necessitating new strategies. The company aims to increase its global reach starting from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Europe and then to the rest of the world, through customer referrals and online advertising.

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About Ice Cream Digital Solutions

Timothy Musharu is the CEO and Lead Ice Cream Man of Ice Cream Digital Solutions, where he enjoys incomparable support from a team of 6 talented individuals that tirelessly bring these solutions to life. He is a seasoned software developer who has all-round experience in customer experience, project development, UI/UX centered design and Data Science. He earned his first bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Information and Technology from the Catholic University of Zimbabwe, and earned his second in Nelson Mandela University where he studied Computer Science and Information Systems. He is currently pursuing his MSC in Computer Science and Information Systems. 

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