Ice Cream Cones May Soon Pave Way to Edible Dessert Cups With Fresh Taste and Flavor

Irvine, California, September 29, 2016 – Like everything else that’s going out of fashion, the good old ice cream cones may soon find no takers. Welcome the new and deliciously edible dessert cups, Yummy Cups. The Yummy Baking Company is running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for mass producing its innovation that promises to capture the market for desserts and ice creams.

Yummy Cups are edible, gourmet dessert cups made from finest ingredients that are known to awaken taste buds. The cones may have been everyone’s favorite to hold and relish ice cream, but had many disadvantages as well. They dripped, tasted boring, soaked up moisture, and had to be eaten quickly. Yummy Cups score over cones on all these scores. Filled with ice cream, yogurt, mousse, custard whip cream or fresh fruits and berries, the cups come in four flavors, absorb ice cream to make it taste better, and can be held for long times and eaten with a spoon.

The Yummy Baking Company is gearing up to supply dessert cups to ice cream and yogurt shops, restaurants, hotels and caterers. The edible cups come in four flavors – brownie cups, chocolate chip cups, blondie cups (a soft, sun-kissed desert), and butter cake cup, all topped with custard, mousse or fresh fruit on a light bed of whipped cream.

“Will Yummy Cups be the death of the Ice Cream Cone? Not only will Yummy Cups be the death of the Ice Cream Cone, but it will elevate gourmet desserts everywhere! The Yummy Cups will be a family legacy passed on through generations. The message I want my granddaughters to embrace is that it is never too late to act on a dream, and as a woman, you can even own your own business!” said Susan Gole.

Yummy Cups will be available only in wholesale, and backers of the Indiegogo project will receive exclusive rewards, including supply of Yummy Cups.

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