Icanic Brands Assets, Acquisitions, And Partnerships Accelerate Growth In The Booming CBD Industry (OTC: ICANF)

It doesn’t matter if one is a partaker or not; from an investor’s perspective, the CBD industry is booming. And Icanic Brands (OTC: ICANF) is taking strategic advantage. 

In fact, they are seizing opportunities in a CBD industry labeled as one of the fastest-growing business opportunities worldwide, with sector analysts expecting it to become a $70.6 billion market by 2028. Better yet, for investors looking to capitalize on potential ground floor investment opportunities, it’s not too late. Icanic Brands may be the perfect company to gain exposure to this lucrative market.

Know this, too. The current landscape isn’t the end product of the 1970’s CBD culture. That’s a misconception about both the product and the market. The 21st-century version is about an industry that has garnered a more positive reputation from showing a different side of CBD. And once science showed that CBD can indeed be a mainstream therapeutic for both mental and physical conditions, the sector really caught the interest of a global population.

That’s excellent news for Icanic Brands. Its investor’s, too.

Icanic Brands Seizes Growing Opportunities

It’s especially promising with data showing that the “tamer” and more controlled formulations of CBD can provide similar medicinal benefits compared to potentially harmful prescription drugs. That data put the market into hyper-growth mode. It also opened the door for companies like Icanic Brands to take advantage of multiple market opportunities. Keep in mind, medicinal is only one part of the market. There are billion-dollar opportunities on the legalized recreational side as well. Icanic can target both.

And ICANF is targeting these multiple consumer markets with a unique strategy. Specifically, to one market, ICANF can leverage data showing CBD is effectively treats a variety of conditions without causing the sometimes severe side effects associated with certain classes of prescription medications. On the recreational side, they can target massive revenue-generating opportunities as more states and countries legalize both medical and recreational use of CBD products. Best of all, both are billion-dollar markets.

Moreover, the different uses for CBD have helped ignite more than a hot market; it has created one of the fastest-growing market sectors in a generation. And while it began to take root about a decade ago, finding value opportunities today is far from over.

In fact, ICANF stock is a perfect example of a value proposition ripe for consideration. And that’s because they are in their best position ever to create shareholder value in the coming weeks and quarters. 

Here’s why.

Expanding Its Market Reach

Foremost, Icanic Brands is a multistate branded products manufacturer based in California and Nevada, two of the world’s most competitive and potentially lucrative CBD markets. Moreover, its interest aligns with its market, with a corporate mission to make CBD products safe and legally available to consumers. And they are doing well.

By leveraging its core values of integrity and innovative development, ICANF has been taking the industry by storm by combining sales of award-winning products with an effective and efficient sales platform. In doing so, ICANF has established itself as a leader in the California market, particularly in the pre-rolled space. And owning a big part of that niche can deliver substantial rewards.

ICANF is taking notice. Already, ICANF benefits by using the most innovative pre-roll manufacturing technologies, enabling them to consistently produce high-quality pre-rolls at high gross margins. This translated to quick success in what has become a particularly competitive market. Further, that ability benefits ICANF from selling to two distinct needs while ultimately contributing to a common revenue stream. That’s important as well.

Investors and consumers are paying attention, too, referring to the company as the Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) of the CBD market, recognizing innovation in manufacturing, marketing, and technological achievement. While “technological achievement” sounds far-reaching for a consumer product, it isn’t. ICANF proves that every aspect of business can make a substantial difference when it comes to maximizing sales. 

Also, ICANF’s thirst for producing high-quality products, coupled with their improved supply chain agreements with California producers, keeps the company in a state of hyper-growth.

Its recent quarterly report showed that momentum is on its side. 

Surging Revenues, Acquisitions, And A Tailwind Of Momentum

In the third quarter of 2021, Icanic Brands posted revenue of $3.236 million, an increase of 88.4% YoY and 11.7% quarter over quarter. Better still, ICANF recorded a gross profit of $1.556 million, representing an increase of 30.6% quarter over quarter and a 100.2% jump YoY. What’s that mean from a valuation perspective? ICANF is growing at a near exponential rate, especially on the gross profits side. 

And while these results are last quarter’s numbers, recent deals position ICANF for even more significant achievement. And that can come through partnerships, acquisitions, and strategic agreements. That’s already happening.

Its acquisition of De Krown in July is an excellent example. That deal put under ownership a California-based CBD product company with vast experience in the industry. It also integrates De Krown’s specialties, including pre-roll manufacturing, cartridge filling, packaging, terpene extraction, topicals/salves, edibles, material procurement, and packaging/supply chain procurement. 

Further, it adds impressive revenues and a capacity to produce over 118,000 rolls a day. This accretive set of assets and capabilities made De Krown Enterprise an excellent fit into the ICANF mission. And by integrating those accretive value-adding strengths, ICANF enriched its competitive advantages in the highly competitive CBD industry.

Better yet, with the knowledge and services that De Krown brings to the company, Icanic Brands is better positioned from a marketing perspective to advance its goal of becoming one of the best and most respected brands in the sector.

Still, there’s more to like.

The Heavenly Sweets Partnership

Beyond the acquisition of De Krown, Icanic Brands announced a partnership with Heavenly Sweet, a leading California-based edibles company. That deal is accelerating Heavenly Sweets’ break into the massive Nevada market, benefiting ICANF as well.

Heavenly Sweets already produces over 30 different ready-to-eat edibles and is expected to be a powerful partner for Icanic Brands. At the core of the agreement, Heavenly Sweets intends to have all its products for Nevada manufactured in Icanic’s Nevada facility. 

Moreover, the intention is to introduce the entire Icanic portfolio of products into the market, setting both up for potentially exponential growth in the Nevada market. Value is inherent from its owned assets as well.

A deal announced earlier this week unlocked value from its Sacramento cultivation interests for $2 million, adding fuel to its value proposition. Even better, they made that deal while retaining below-market costs for raw materials through prior contractual agreements. Hence, ICANF is far more than a simple products play. They showed that interests and investments can turn into cash.

Expanding Its Business Through Enhanced Facilities

Better still, Icanic Brands is positioning to grow appreciably in the coming quarters. That will happen from its relocation to the newly constructed headquarters in Concord, a 6650 square foot property allowing ICANF to utilize more sophisticated and innovative equipment. This will immediately help scale manufacturing and enhance bringing its cutting-edge products to the market quicker. Of course, that translates to more revenues.

The company already noted that a new state-of-the-art automated pre-roll machine will complement its current production capabilities once the building is complete.

The bottom line- Icanic Brands is taking steps to increase shareholder value in the near term. That likely translates to even more value in the long term. And with value-creating initiatives happening now, near-term updates from ICANF could become revenue-generating catalysts.

Thus, the value proposition offered by ICANF today is both a timely and compelling consideration. 

Seizing Value In A Fast-Growing Icanic Brands

Undoubtedly, the CBD industry is competitive. And companies unsure of their mission will inevitably find themselves overwhelmed with near-limitless hurdles that obstruct growth. Icanic Brands is not part of that group. They are led by seasoned professionals, have efficient and scaled processes, and have the licenses needed to rapidly increase their market share.

Moreover, they have partnerships, assets, and best-in-class capability to maximize growth without giving up profits. Keep in mind, company growth is excellent, but managed growth is what separates winners from losers. And ICANF benefits from having the latter. 

Most importantly, Icanic Brands, with its innovative technologies, intelligent partnerships, and stellar products, already has the necessary pieces in place to accelerate company growth. And for an emerging company in a billion-dollar sector, that’s an excellent position to be in. 

Better still, adding ambition and know-how to the equation, Icanic Brands is doing more than building a solid company; they are creating substantial shareholder value in the process. That makes ICANF a win-win proposition.


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