HUOBI GLOBAL LIMITED: The Leading Financial Hub of Digital Asset

Huobi Global Limited, the leading financial hub of digital asset continues to provide its digital asset trading services to millions of users around the world.

Huobi Group has been in the position to provide and choose top quality digital assets and serve the professional users worldwide. Last year, the company set up its Block Chain Application Institute which introduces the SMARTChain, – the first exclusive model of block chain asset evaluation in the world. Huobi continues to launch an extension of its services in different countries. SBI, formerly a subsidiary of Softbank, is one of the partners of Huobi in Japan. The SBI’s agreement with Huobi includes an equity swap. Huobi also started to operate its trading platform in Hong Kong which supports crypto-to-fiat transactions.

Since 2017, the Huobi Global has been accelerating its globalization. It also started its numerous operations upon launching its Huobi Pro site in Japan, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong and including the United States. Huobi Pro is considered as one of the world’s leading global digital asset exchange not only in China but around the world. The group currently offers its million users a professional asset trading services in more than 130 countries around the globe.

Serving its valuable clients around the globe, they have been considered as the leading financial hub of digital asset. The company is devoted to delivering asset exchange around the globe and in exploring new investment opportunities. Presently, Huobi offers investment and trade service with nearly 10 digital assets. The company also provides a high quality of service to its million users in over 130 countries.

When it comes to the technology platform, customer service, security risk management system and operation, Huobi Global Limited is a leading level compared to its global competitors and peers. The Huobi Pro, the company’s digital asset exchange, is what makes it possible for global traders to trade Litecoin, ETH, Dash, Golem, USDT, Btc and many more.

Huobi Group is continuously developing global services to better provide asset exchange for its global traders. Some of its sub-brands include Huobi China News and Research Platform, Huobi Wallet Digital Asset Management, and Huobi Korea Digital Asset Exchange.

Safe, stable and secure, these are some of the company’s best practices with years of safe and stable operations which provide its customer a 100% confidence.

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