Humberto Herrera highlights CEO branding for business capital gain.

A company’s executive director or CEO (Chief Executive Officer) is one of the most important figures within an organization, as it serves as a leadership figure that must be secure and reliable.

For Humberto Herrera, personal branding is a strategic positioning tool that strengthens the company’s credibility through the CEO’s own brand.

In this sense, and according to the 2019 Sprout Social Index, 45 percent of consumers have indicated that they would consider using a product or service if someone with whom they can relate, such as an employee or a company representative, shared their buying experience on their personal social media accounts rather than on a corporate one.

“Today, consumers who perceive a lack of credibility, whether due to lack of positioning or reputational damage from a CEO, will undoubtedly think twice before buying a product. Examples abound, both in Mexico and abroad”, he pointed out.

In this regard, Humberto Herrera points out that it is necessary to have a differential value, in order to stand out from the 97 percent of members from the niche in which one operates.

To do this – he adds – one must follow a series of steps that will shield the credibility of a figure as important as the CEO.

One of those steps, and a very important one, is to define a strategic statement, showing customers in what you are good at and which solutions you can offer. This message must be replicated on all social networks to maintain consistency in what you seek to project.

“Modern companies understand there is a correlation between credibility, CEO positioning and sales”, he concluded.

For over 10 years, Humberto Herrera has established himself as a benchmark in personal branding, by advising important and powerful figures in Mexico, the United States and several European countries. His conferences across various regions have influenced the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs.

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