HubUX Launches Market Research Community Management Platform for Qual and Quant Methods

FRESNO, CA – HubUX Inc., a market research automation platform, has added a participant management solution.

New customers start with their own participants or with 1,000 fresh participants sourced from social media and vetted with Research Defender.

Both brands and agencies are creating their own market-research communities. Why?

1. Because sample quality continues to be a growing concern as bots and bad actors are making up 35%+ of our sample.

2. Time to insight continues to shrink. Brands have to make decisions at the speed of today’s market shifts.

“Consumer insight teams see research as an extension of their brand experience,” said Jamin Brazil, HubUX’s chairman. “Modern consumers and researchers need a platform that is elegant, fun, on-brand, and automates the operations so both parties can focus on the research.”

HubUX’s market research community management solution supports:

1. Incentive fulfillment and management

2. Full white-label experience for participants

3. Advanced screener capabilities

Additionally, HubUX’s API passes existing participant variables to leading survey platforms so you don’t have to re-ask the same questions over and over.

To learn more, please visit or contact to book a 20 minute demo.

About HubUX

Founded in 2019, HubUX is a consumer insights platform connecting users to the tools and sample they need to get to the heart of their customers in real-time.

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