How ToBox is Building The Next Generation Amazon

Los Angeles, California – April 25, 2018 – ToBox, the first-ever direct to consumer electronic commerce shop in the world, which was established in August of 2017, has received investment by Xiaomi and Shunwei Capital for its launch in the United States.

“We are the world’s first curated direct to consumer marketplace” chief executive officer Edward Hutchins explained. The curated marketplace means that ToBox vet all merchants before permitting them to sell their products on the platform.

ToBox is currently based in Los Angeles, CA, with the objective of changing the way consumers shop for household commodities, particularly kitchenware. However, it is not all about selling merchandise, but also giving consumers the opportunity to purchase ethically made products.

Mr Hutchins added, “ToBox’s unique business model of DTC (Direct to Consumer) plus ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) enables manufacturers with design capability to distribute products directly to consumers all over the world.”

Many retailers and brands impose an unreasonable premium for daily branded merchandise. ToBox works directly with manufacturers offering honestly priced products of up to 40 percent less when compared to traditional retail outlets.

ToBox looks for the most reliable and efficient manufacturers from different countries worldwide to sell on its platform. It has a team of experts who scrutinize the factories it works with and makes sure each one operates fairly and knowingly produce the best quality products for consumers.


As a curated e-commerce marketplace, ToBox is earnest in providing the best shopping experience for consumers. That is why it employs a team that curates and examines the assortment of merchandise personally before offering them to consumers on its platform.

The Company also understands the importance of a transparent supply chain. Providing customers visibility into the origin and true costs of the products they buy. “At ToBox we believe every customer has the right to beautiful, affordable, and ethically made products, and we aim to make this a reality with our first of its kind platform,” Mr Hutchins stated.

ToBox guarantees complete transparency regarding prices, suppliers, revenues, and profits. It requires factories to reveal costs even before working with the company on the premise that consumers must know the actual value of merchandise they want to purchase as well as the sources of these commodities.

ToBox management opts for a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.  The company’s products go through a meticulous quality inspection before passing the companies rigid quality check. ToBox are so confident in their product selection they’ll offer a full refund or replacement if the customer is unhappy, no questions asked.

Consumers with any inquiries can call business phone numbers at 833 533 1555 or send their emails to

About the Company

ToBox presents an assortment of useful household items that include small appliances, kitchenware, knives, and other valuable ethically made products for enterprising homemakers. Due to its unique business model, ToBox sells products at up to 40% than traditional retailers.

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