How to Use UV Printer Coatings and Precautions for Storage

How to Use UV Printer Coatings and Precautions for Storage

Although uv printing can printer patterns on the surface of hundreds of materials or thousands of materials, due to the surface of different materials adhesion and soft cutting, so materials will peel off. In this case, this needs to be solved after uv coatings.

Nowadays, there are six type of uv printer coatings in the market.

1. UV Printer Glass Coating

Suitable for plexiglass, tempered glass, glazed tiles, crystal and other materials that require special treatment. Currently, there is a quick-drying coating and baking. The former can be placed 10 minutes to print, while the latter needs to be baked in the oven before printing.

2. UV Printer PC Coating

Some PC materials are hard and poor adhesion. PC materials don’t need to be directly printed and coated. Generally, the imported PC acrylic board needs to wipe PC coating.

3. UV Printer Metal Coating

Suitable for aluminum, copper plate, tinplate, aluminum alloy and other materials. There are two types of transparent and white, which need to be used on the finished products. Do not stamp, use before injection, otherwise the effect will be greatly reduced.

4. UV Printer Leather Coating

It is used for leather, PVC leather, PU leather and so on. After coating on the surface of the leather materials, then it can be dried naturally.

5. UV Printer ABS Coating

It is suitable for materials such as wood, ABS, acrylic, kraft paper, plaster, PS, PVC, etc. After wiping coating, then dried and printed.

6. UV Printer Silicone Coating

It is suitable for organic silicone rubber material with poor adhesion. Flame treatment is needed, otherwise the adhesion is not strong.


The coating needs the application has a fixed ratio and mixing technique. It must be according to instructions for use to operate;
The discovery of coating and the ink chemical reaction, such as dissolving and bubbling, and it is necessary to replace more paint;
The stimulation of paint is larger, masks and disposable gloves can be worn during operation;
Met corresponding to the materials of the different materials, for example, using coating to adapt to other materials.

Precautions for Preservation of UV Printer Coating

Place in the cool, ventilated and dry place;
After use, tighten the cap timely;
Don’t have any other materials on the above;
Don’t put paint on the ground but choose the shelf.

PS: Usually, when the buyer purchase uv printer, the supplier can provide relevant matching coating,, a model or varnish according to characteristic of the buyer’s product about printing suggestion. Therefore, it needs to choose operation in accordance with supplier’s side.

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