How to use bakery display cabinets to keep cakes for a long time

If you are an owner of bakery shop, it is essential to know how to preserve cakes for long time, as cakes are a perishable type of foods. The proper way of preserving cakes is to store them in the bakery display cases, which are a commercial type of glass display fridge that can provide a perfect storage condition with optimum and constant temperatures. Not only that, with its appealing appearance, cakes stored in the bakery display cases can attractively display to your customers, so we also call it as cake display fridge, such an appliance has glass fronts that can be used as an efficient tool for merchandising of the cakes.

As cakes are rich in a variety of ingredients such as flour, oil, eggs, sugar, butter, cream, and fruit toppings, some proper decorating processes are necessary to improve the appeal, so all these have requirements for storage conditions. The freshness of cakes is affected by temperature, humidity, and light. The strong light can darken the color of the surface. You can keep your cakes fresh and attractive if you store them away from all of these elements.

When your cake is done baking, keep it out of the bakery display case until it reaches the ambient temperature, cause a hot cake can generate steam, the released vapor can cause the cake to become worse in quality if store or wrap it up. So it would be better to put the cake in the refrigerated case after it gets cold. If you are keeping your cake for a longer time, pack it tightly. Without packing is also okay if store it in the cake display cabinet. Your cake can stay fresh for several days if you put it in the cake display fridge after packing it tightly.

When you make a decision to invest in a bakery display case, it’s not only necessary to come with high refrigeration efficiency and work with proper temperatures, but also to look appealing, so you need to take more time to do research for purchasing a proper commercial refrigerator to help improve your business. Nowadays catering business and food industry becomes more and more competitive, customers are requiring higher not only taste and rich varieties, but also a better service experience. So your cakes and pasties must be displayed in an attractive way that will boost customers want to eat them.

Model: NW-CAD120/150/180/210

Model: NW-CL90/120/150/180/210

Model: NW-TA90/120/1501

To preserve the taste and quality of your cakes and pastries, they need to be stored at a precise temperature range, as all these foods can not be accepted by your customers if they get deterioration, so the correct storage will help you avoid the risk of spoiled foods. Bakery display case includes a thermostat to keep the interior temperature constant, so it’s not necessary to continually keep your eyes on it. However, as a precaution, it would be better to put a thermometer in the cabinet. Additionally, when you’re purchasing a unit, you can consider the choose a model that has a feature of humidity control.

As you know, bakery display cabinets are important for selling your cakes, breads and pastries, they are delicious and high-end. However, if you store or display improperly, you may lose money, so don’t forget to pay attention to the investment in electrical appliances in front of the store, which is an important marketing tool to promote sales. There are some things you need to consider when planning your purchase. Is the front glass flat or curved? Vertical chassis or countertop? How many liters of storage capacity do you want? What is the correct size to fit the available space in your store? You’d better plan the layout and types of bakery display cabinets to sell your products as much as possible and help you maximize profits.

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