How to start the contract transaction correctly? Tionrt Explains how to get started

In the encrypted digital currency trading market, investors must be familiar with the word contract trading. Tionrt ( Speed contract has been highly recognized in the industry since it was launched with a rapid, efficient, simple and stable transaction settlement method.

Digital currency contract trading is suitable for short-term interest as well as medium and long-term interest. Tionrt suggests that every time their clients operate, they only need to set aside 20-30% of their position to make dozens of times as much money to get rich profits in a short period of time, and there are more funds to allocate reasonably to make valuable currencies. Rational allocation of funds and reasonable risk control can kill two birds with one stone.

Tionrt ( analyzes the ultimate goals and main skills to be achieved in contract transactions.

Contract trading has only two purposes: the first is to hedge the value of arbitrage, which is the protection of spot, and the second is to speculate and make a profit to achieve a great increase in wealth.

Arbitrage is relatively simple, trading only at the inflection point of the trend, and the number of operations per year is limited, in order to keep assets from falling and depreciating. And speculative profit is the original intention of most people who participate in contract trading, the purpose is to get high returns, so the so-called high returns must be accompanied by high risks, so the most important thing is to reduce the risk as much as possible in speculation. maintain controllable and sustainable viability to have the last laugh.


Based on the advice of the service market for many years, the Tionrt Exchange gives the following main skills:

1. Wait patiently for a certain opportunity.

Including the timing of entry and exit, follow their own operating system and trading strategies, enter only when their own trading conditions are triggered, and avoid random trading and emotional trading.

2. Design personal own profit-loss ratio system.

Only when the profit-loss ratio of the system appears, it is not consistent with the non-transaction.

3. The system of stopping profit and loss should be reasonable.

According to the nature of the market at different stages, Tionrt need to customize their own stop-profit and stop-loss system to fit the market and be beneficial and efficient.

4. Position control is reasonable.

When placing an order, consider a good position and have enough position at the most definite time to avoid raising the cost at a later stage.

5. Admit personal mistakes to the market.

When trading according to their own system, if the market operation is at odds with their own predictions, they must admit their mistakes in time, do not fight hard, and learn to fear and respect the market in order to live for a long time.

6, fund management, how to make more perfect use of funds to expand profits, short-term, long-term how to use positions.

7. The funds of the account are safe and can be withdrawn at any time or there is no service charge for money transfer.

8. No matter whether it is a big profit or a small loss, everyone must have a good mentality, neither humble nor arrogant, not impatient, and start steadily.

The success of Tionrt in the current stage is attributed to the leadership in product strategy, which is the first to enable extremely fast contract trading and share platform benefits with users.

Tionrt Exchange gives a very good experience to the majority of users through its strong technical ability, super operation ability and rapid response ability. at present, it is one of the most popular high-speed contract trading platforms, all because it really sees the pain points of users and can solve these pain points in depth.

Tionrt believes that the world is on the cusp of a lasting technological revolution, and they will be an important part of it.


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