How to solve the technical problems of Tri-proof LED light

For the solution of Led triproof light technical problems, many people think that it is relatively simple. In fact, the following four aspects are the most convincing and authoritative practical proof to really solve the technical problems of triproof LED lamps.

First of all, high light efficiency. The light efficiency of tri-proof LED lamps can be said to be an important indicator of energy saving effect. At present, the light efficiency in our country still needs to be strengthened. To really achieve high light efficiency, we need to solve relevant technical problems from all links of the industrial chain.

Question, then how to achieve high light efficiency of LED triproof lamp?

1. Improve internal quantum efficiency and external quantum efficiency.

2. Improve the light-emitting efficiency of the package and reduce the junction temperature.

3. Improve the light extraction efficiency of the lamp.

Secondly, from the perspective of high color rendering: Tri-proof LED lighting has many color qualities, including color temperature, color rendering, light color fidelity, light color naturalness, hue recognition, and visual comfort. Here we currently only discuss solving the problem of color temperature and color rendering. The production of high color rendering triproof LED light source will lose more light efficiency, so these two factors should be taken into consideration when designing. Of course, to improve the high color rendering property, the combination of RGB three primary colors must be considered.

1. Multi-primary fluorescent powder.

2. RGB multi-chip combination.

3. Phosphor plus chip.

Third, from the point of high reliability: mainly including failure rate, life and other indicators.But there are different understandings and interpretations in application.

High reliability means that the product completes the specified function under the specified conditions and within the specified time. The failure categories of LED mainly include severe failure and parameter failure. And the lifetime is the characteristic value of the product’s reliability. Generally refers to the statistical average value. For a large number of components, the meaning of LED devices’ lifespan is using this description.

However, the factors affecting the reliability of LED tri-proof light products include chip manufacturing, packaging, thermal resistance, heat dissipation, etc.

Now that we are talking about this, it is hoped that all companies will perform comprehensive quality control on the LED triproof light, reducing the failure rate.

The last is to reduce the cost of the product: At present, many consumers feel that the price is too high when buying LED tri proof lights, so many companies of LED tri-proof lights have also taken corresponding measures to reduce costs. In addition to mass production, technical measures are mainly taken to reduce costs. For example, reduce costs in terms of chip, packaging, driver, heat dissipation, etc.

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