How To Solve The Problem That The Air Pressure Of The Automatic Sandblasting Machine Becomes Smaller?

The low pressure of compressed air will affect the use of the automatic sandblasting machine, so once we encounter this situation, we need to deal with the problem in time, so as to better ensure the operation of the equipment and the use of efficiency.

Compressed air controls the speed of the automatic sandblasting equipment, and if its pressure decreases, the abrasive spraying effect will be worse. When we find that the compressed air pressure becomes smaller, we should consider whether it is the problem of the regulating valve. If we exclude this part of the reason, we can further check and discharge the barrier.

In the manual sand blasting machine, the strength and amount of sand blasting depends on the pressure of compressed air. In the automatic sand blasting machine, the pressure of compressed air has the same impact on the sand blasting capacity of the machine. If the improper adjustment of the air valve will lead to a low pressure situation, you can solve the problem by increasing the valve. When the pipeline is blocked and the valve has problems, this phenomenon will also be caused. Check to determine where the blocked pipeline is, increase the pressure of compressed air to flush the blocked part, or stop the machine to disassemble the pipeline for recoil. Replace the faulty valve to ensure it controls flow rate properly.

Compressed air is produced by the compressor. If the compressor fails to produce a large amount of compressed air, the pressure will be reduced. If the compressor does not work at all, the abrasive will not enter the spray gun, which will affect the working process.

The power composition of the equipment has two parts, one is compressed air, the other is the fan, no matter where the problem may lead to abrasive feeding is not smooth, so it is necessary to do a good job of inspection before production, equipment to prevent the workpiece in the process of sandblasting abrasive shortage, quality reduction. The blockage of unobstructed compressed air pipeline is caused by abrasive. Pay attention to the protection work when the system backblowing filter device, and close the compression pipeline to prevent the blockage of pipeline by abrasive backblowing.

The above is the solution to reduce the air pressure of the automatic sandblasting machine. The operation according to the method can better ensure the operation efficiency and use of the equipment, reduce the occurrence of faults, and ensure the service life.

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