How to select mother roll paper for kitchen towel?

What is kitchen towel? Kitchen towel, as the name suggests, is paper used in the kitchen.Kitchen paper roll is denser, larger and thicker than normal tissue paper, and has a “water guide” printed on its surface, which makes it more absorbent of water and oil.

What are the benefits of using kitchen paper?1.Clean and hygienicGenerally we use rag to clean kitchen, and after a few days of use, even if we wash the rag every day, it will still accumulate a lot of bacteria (can be multiplied by 100 to 10 million), and if we continue to use it, it will not only become dirtier and dirtier, but also leave a lot of invisible bacteria on both hands and the wiped place, which will pose a threat to your family’s health.Kitchen roll can be used instead of rags, our kitchen towel roll is thick, not easy to break, and strong cleaning ability, it is a disposable item, instead of rags, clean and hygienic, and effectively protect your family from bacteria.

2.Convenient to useTissue kitchen towel instead of rags, can be more easily and effectively clean the kitchen, while eliminating the need to wash dirty rags of the trouble, the use of very convenient, suitable for our busy working family, so that we can easily have a clean and new kitchen, convenient and fast.

3. Wide range of usesThe special thickness of the kitchen tissue can be used to wipe pots and pans, operating tables, hoods, etc., can wrap more water stains and grease, while not easy to break, will not leave confetti, will not rub half of the stains all run hands.Besides, kitchen paper towel can also contact with food directly, can be used to wipe the fruit, and can also used to absorb oil and water, the pot is not easy to burst the oil, buy back the fried chicken can also be used first kitchen paper to pad a pad, absorb the excess oil on the surface, eat up more healthy.


In view of the special usage of kitchen towel, we have different standards for the purchase of Mother Paper Roll. We use 100% virgin wood pulp to produce parent jumbo roll. Because kitchen paper towels mainly used for absorb oil, water and so on. The Mother Roll Reel raw materials need to loose thickness (that is, fluffy and absorbent), high wet strength (not easy to rot in water) and so on. There are various grammage of Parent Tissue Jumbo Roll  that we can do.16g, 18g, 20g, 22g, 23.5g available for customer choose.

Machine width can do 5500-5540 mm or can be customized.

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