How to Remotely SSH and VNC to Raspberry Pi over internet

Internet of things, in simple words, describes physical devices or things that are interconnected via a network that enables them to exchange data and other necessary information on the internet or on other systems. This is enabled due to sensors or other technologies that are embedded within these devices. Some real-life examples of internet of things can include devices that we daily use like smart watches, dishwashers, smart electrical appliances etc. The basic motive that drives Internet of Things is to curate an environment with interconnected devices that facilitates easy sharing of information, thereby enhancing efficiency and automation.

What Internet of things does is that it brings together the physical and the digital world and blends them seamlessly into one single unit, enabling quick, smart and data-driven decision making. As the term suggests, Internet of things are connected to the internet, enabling them to send and receive data smoothly which makes them more reliable and helps them function intelligently and analytically.

Over the years, with the exponential growth of internet and technology, no field has remained untouched from the fangs of technology and specially Internet of Things has taken over the world massively in the past few decades. Most businesses these days are using Internet of Things for better the growth and success of their enterprise. Although as with everything on the internet in this world today, it becomes important to effectively manage and track these Internet of Thing devices which RemoteIoT platform helps in doing.

When things are subjected to internet connectivity, they are automatically made available for a larger audience, which can lead to unauthorized access to data and sensitive information if systems are not made secure and properly managed. Since sensitive data is involved with regard to Internet of Things devices, developers have come up with ways to secure access to IoT devices.

Some of the ways to secure access to IoT over the internet are:

1)     Change default username and password: It has usually been noticed that hackers target those systems the most which are easiest to crack. Therefore, it is recommended that organizations change the default username and password and keep changing them at regular intervals.

2)    Checking authenticity: It is imperative to have the authenticity double checked either through two-factor authentication or better still by using multi-factor authentication. This acts as an added filter and helps in checking the infiltration of information.

3)    Firewall to check breach: An old yet effective way of dealing with breach is setting up firewall filters to monitor the activities taking place.

4)    Using Virtual Private Network: A secure way to access the Internet of Things devices over the internet is by using the virtual private network. VPN helps by disguising the identity and providing secure passage for incoming and outgoing traffic. VPN conceals the network identity and protects it from external entry.

Apart from these basic measures, developers are also using what is called a Secure Shell or Secure Socket Shell protocol to securely access IoT devices over the internet. What this does is that it provides a secure passage to access an unsecured network. Secure Socket Shell basically encrypts the data being exchanged, thereby controlling information leakage. It also uses password authentication, to make sure that there is no unauthorized access to the IoT devices. The popularity of IoT devices has bloomed greatly in the past years, with everyone knowingly or unknowingly using them in their daily lives. In such times of technological advancement, companies are not confining themselves to only mobiles, laptops or computers and with the growing impact of IoT devices over the logistics of businesses, their importance has only grown significantly.

Organizations are also using proxy connections in order to add that extra layer of security in these times of constant internet breach. Proxy connections help in concealing the identity of user’s system, while letting them send and receive data at the same time without any additional hassle. People can think of it as a mask. There is quite an array of proxy servers available and one can choose them depending on one’s needs.

Raspberry Pi are small and affordable computers developed by a UK based organization, with the goal of making computer science education accessible to all. They are cost-effective and therefore are accessible to a larger audience, since this is the era of computers and technology. They are being used copiously in educational setting due to their low cost and versatility. Their low cost in no way compromises with their quality.  In order to remotely access Raspberry Pi over the internet through Virtual Network Computing, users need to make sure that their system has VNC installed on their Raspberry Pi system.

IoT devices are used in almost every field these days and therefore it becomes primarily important that access to these devices is highly secured and authenticated. By using remote ways to manage IoT devices, companies can ensure smooth functioning of IoT devices.

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