How To Make A Baby Sleep Better? – The Baby Sleep Solution

How To Make A Baby Sleep Better? - The Baby Sleep Solution
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All ages need to get plenty of sleep. Lace of sleep will affect people’s mental health and physical health. Especially for babies, babies need lots of sleep. Because sleep is important for babies’ normal brains and bodies development. A restless baby sleep can affect his/her growth. Some new parents may not know how to make a baby sleep better. This article will offer some useful suggestions all about a baby one by one as below for references. In order to find the baby sleep solution.

1. Make a relatively quiet sleep environment

A too noisy environment is hard for babies to sleep well. Every baby is sensitive to the tiny changes in the outside voice. Sometimes, the noise can awake them.

2. Play some smooth music

It is also not suitable for babies to sleep in complete silence. Play some smooth music during sleep will be better, it can help babies to relax, smooth their mood, sleep better. Smooth music is like the sounds of nature, including the ocean, birds, wind, water, or rain, etc.  

3. Control the time of naps during the daytime

Babies always need to have some naps during the daytime. But sleep too much during the day is also not healthy. And the length of naps also can affect the quality of their nighttime sleep. No matter what ages a baby is, 1 month old, 2 month old, 3 month old, etc., everyone needs a nap schedule.  

4. Swaddle baby

Swaddling babies during sleep is a traditional and effective way for having better sleep. For more details, please kindly check the below benefits of a typical high-quality sleeping bag from Kaiya Angel.


4.1 3-in-1 Wearing Method

1) ARMS UP: Natural arms-up sleeping position, convenient for babies to suck on fingers or stroke the cheeks for self-soothing.

2) ARMS IN: Wrap-around closure simulates the uterine environment,gives the baby a safe feeling to prevent startles. Better to have a longer, restful sleep.

3) ARMS OUT: No restraint on the upper body, more comfortable in parent-child interaction.

4.2 Soft Fabric

All sleeping bags are made of 100% cotton that is ultra-soft, ultra-comfortable without static electricity. Natural, gentle fabric is friendly to babies’ sensitive skin, help them to sleep in comfort.

4.3 Relaxed Design

Babies do like squirming, no matter awake or asleep. This relaxed, baby-friendly design gives babies plenty of room for moving more freely to have a better sleep every night. Kicking, flapping both can exercise their arms and legs.

4.4 Suitable TOG degrees

The TOG degree of this sleeping bag is 1.0. It is a suitable degree which is not too heavy or not too light. Babies can get good warm-keeping. It can stabilize babies’ body temperature intelligently. Prevent them from catching a cold in an air condition room, also have no risk of overheating. A comfortable feeling does help babies to have a better sleep.

4.5 Competitive Prices

Price is always one of the most important considerations for consumers in shopping. This is a highly cost-effective baby product for most people. It has a competitive, affordable price that most people can afford it.

4.6 Special Details

1) Every zip has a zipper protector at the top to protect the zipper from scratching babies’chins or causing any discomfort to influence their sleep quality.

2) Two-way zippers are easy for diaper changing, even in the middle of the night.

3) Kaiya Angel also provides a special customized service – embroidering the baby’s name on the sleeping bag to make it unique. That is why it is also a good gift choice.

Besides this sleeping bag, Kaiya Angel also offers other sleeping sacksrompers of good quality. Welcome all customers to come and have a check.

5. Give the baby a favorite toy

Parents can try to give their babies some typical toys as they preferences. These things often can help them fall asleep easier, and sleep tighter. And these things also can give them a sense of security because they represent what’s familiar. 

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