How To Maintain The Airwheel Smart Helmet?

The developers of Airwheel intelligent helmet take the overall consideration. In addition to protecting the rider from injuring, the helmet has equipped with a HD camera and also the there is a high quality Bluetooth speaker inserted in the helmet, which can meet both demands of enjoying music and hearing the external sound.

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The great popularity of Airwheel C series of smart helmets is closely related to the multiple functions. Besides protecting the rider from injuring, the helmet has equipped with a HD camera and high quality Bluetooth speaker, which can meet both demands of taking pictures and enjoying music. As for answering phones, riders just need to click the answer key and free both hands to ensure safe riding.

All these above functions can be fully enjoyed as long as you make sure its manual is read through and fully understood before initial use of Airwheel cool motorcycle helmet. Only the helmet be worn in the right way can prevent your head from being injured by absorbing and spreading the impact energy. However, not all kinds of accidents can be prevented by the helmets. Please obey the traffic regulation and the safety tips of cycling, so that your cycling can be safe.

Airwheel C5

The first thing you need to do before wear the Airwheel intelligent helmet is to check the following matters. Check whether the appearance has crack, abrasion and the integrity of cap lining etc. please repair or dump in time; check whether each component is fastened; Check whether each of the functional module is in good condition, whether there is enough battery capacity.

Airwheel C8

To clean Airwheel smart helmets, please use a soft cloth dipped in a little alcohol to wipe the helmet shell, inside liner, fixed system and other accessories. Please use the lens cloth to wipe the lens gently. If you want to store it, please do not place it near any heat source. The protection function of the Airwheel helmet camera will decrease with the passage of time and it is influenced by many factors, such as impact, contamination of harmful chemicals or exposure in sunshine etc. It should be stored in the dry and ventilated places in indoor temperature. If it is not used for a long time, it needs to be fully charged and shutdown. It is recommended to charge fully every month.

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