How to keep one’s bottled drinks from always sliding to the front of the cooler shelf?


How to keep your bottled drinks always smootly glide to the front of the cooler shelf?

Let us find the answer together!

ORIO Gravity Roller Shelf  is easy to use and install. it’s simply placed on the top of current store shelves, loaded with their products and segmented with dividers.

Under 2-3 tiltable angle,With special integrated rollers and gravity on your side, all products will always use their own weight slding automatically to the front of the cooler shelf, where a plastic front board stops the product falling forward and off the shelf.

If your cooler shelf is unable to be angled itself, simply use our riser supports to instantly angle the gravity roller shelf. These risers are so easy to use, just gluded it on the back of the roller shelf to sit your roller shelf at 3-5 degree angle from the base of the shelf. Your products will now use gravity to slide along the rollers to the front of the roller shelf creating the perfect self-facing system.

If you want to know more details about gravity roller shelf, pls link to our product and review the introduction of roller mat. also if u have any questions about our roller track, you also can contact us at any time! thanks

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