How To Install Artificial Green Wall Panels Instead Of Damaging The Walls A Lot?

Faux green wall panels are a great way to transform a plain and uninteresting wall into a lush and vibrant garden-like vibe. Made from a durable and realistic synthetic material, these panels mimic the look of real plants, making them a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor spaces. When installing simulated plants, a common method is to use wire mesh as a support structure. In this article, we’ll guide people through the process of installing faux green siding over on iron wire net, ensuring a seamless and stunning result. But if they want to install it on an indoor wall and they don’t want to damage the wall, how do them install it?

Before starting, gather the necessary tools and materials:

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Step 1: Measure and Prepare green wall panels

Start by measuring the wall where people will install the Privacy Fence. Make a note of its dimensions to determine the number of panels needed. Clean the wall and remove any debris or protruding objects that may interfere with the installation process.


Step 2: Install the Iron Wire Net

Use Expansion screws to secure the wire fence to the wall, making sure the wire is taut and properly aligned. For outdoor installations, make sure the mesh is strong enough to withstand weather conditions and external elements.


Step 3: Install Simulated Green Wall Panels

Start by placing the first panel on the bottom of the wire mesh, aligning it with the edge. Secure the panel to the net using Nylon Cable Ties or Hooks to ensure it is secure. Repeat this step for each panel, making sure the edges overlap slightly to create a seamless, natural look.


Tips: if people choose the same type of Artificial plant wall, they can be linked by four sides of buckles with each one, nylon cable ties can as a auxiliary means to tie.


Step 4: Customize and fill in the blanks

In some cases, people may need to trim panels to fit a specific space or to fill gaps between Artificial Green Wall Fences. Measure exactly the length and width thet need, then adjust the Greenery Plants accordingly with wire cutters. Use Nylon Cable Ties to attach trimmed panels to existing panels, maintaining the overall pattern and appearance.


Step 5: Final touches and maintenance

Once all the Garden Backdrop are securely attached, take a step back and check the overall look. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure the Tropical Hedge Plants are evenly spaced and aligned. To keep faux green walls alive, periodically lightly spray the panels with water to remove dust and preserve their bright, true-to-life colors.


In conclusion, installing Artificial Boxwood Hedges over Iron Wire Net can instantly transform any space into a lush and visually appealing oasis. By following these step-by-step instructions, people can achieve a great and hassle-free installation. Whether they’re looking to enhance their interiors or beautify their outdoor areas, Artificial Boxwood Panels can provide a great solution to add to the beauty of nature. So bring the beauty of nature into their living space with artificial Hedge Grass Wall installed over wire net!

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