How to Hire Nearby Cleaners in A Flash by Using The WAND App

Nowadays, the constant pursuit of professional achievements translates into needing different services to facilitate our daily lives and minimize the number of obligations, like maintaining our houses clean. Although the process of hiring a cleaning staff or worker is still not an utterly fluid task for a simple reason: lack of quality control. A lot of platforms offer candidates that didn’t go through a meticulous selection process, forcing their clients to trust self-ruling workers; on the other hand, resorting to a classic telephone call to any company whose main focus is on collecting workers en masse – regardless of their capacities- is not a better choice. And yet, there remains the awkward discussion about payment methods.

It’s been so complicated to trust in cleaning services for the first time – until now! The WAND company is about to launch a mobile tool to hire your ideal cleaners based on innovative approaches that have already reshaped other sectors of the economy like the transportation and the purchase and sale of products. Let’s get into its details.

A polished and reliable solution

WAND USA Inc. is a startup broker that began its preliminary development in 2017 but was officially founded in The US in July of 2018 around their app-WAND. When we make the distinction of “startup” by its current common definition, we imply that is a new enterprise that stands out in the market supported by technology, while the term “broker” indicates that it works as an agent connecting qualified people offering a set of services with those who require them.

But what makes it so unique?

As the motto “Help, at your fingertips” implies on WAND’s homepage, through an App with geolocation, people can hire the closest cleaning services by a person with verified capacity according to their area.

A collaborative business model backed-up by the market

As according to Forbes’ article “The Future Of Communication Is Already Here,” in a context of mobility and hyper-connectivity, consumers are immersed in the “economy of applications,” a growing trend where the advancement of software and the increase in the number of mobile apps are redefining business rules and consumption habits.

WAND emulates the methods of companies such as Rover (pet care), LawnGuru (gardening) and the well-known Uber (transport) by opposing the processes of old cleaning corporations that refuse to evolve into the digital era. At the same time aims to compete with websites like Craigslist or Angie’s list. In summon, the company of Teutonic origins is promoting its own fully-integrated niche market.

According to the information provided by WAND through a press release published in early September, the company recently conducted a survey in downtown Denver (US) to cover and obtain consumer interest and the market needs. The data they gathered is very interesting since they report that 93% of the interviewers had used a similar application (Uber, Lyft, etc.) and 83% of them were excited to download WAND on Android and iOS in early 2019. Here are the graphs:

The platform method

Regarding the cleaning staff willing to be part of the company’s service and generate profits, they must first go through processes of:

  • Evaluation. A process of analysis of background and competencies.
  • Specification. Set in a list the number of cleaning services they can.
  • Score: Their services will be qualified with an app-integrated tool.

Concerning those who wish to receive the cleaning services provided by WAND, after downloading the App:

  • Sign up: Create a user profile within the application.
  • Enter: Register personal and banking information.
  • Launch: Request their first service.

Once both parties involved are ready to use the application, the process will be quite simple, divided into the following four steps:

  1. Spot: Using the GPS and a specially-designed algorithm, the platform shows cleaners in the radius of the corresponding locale and makes suggestions according to the proximity.
  2. Book: When setting the specifications of the service required (recurrent or express), the user assigns the payment within the app, fully supported by the platform.
  3. Match: With visible reviews, the quality of the service and the knowledge of competences is guaranteed.
  4. Support: Through a 24/7 customer support line, users will be able to resolve all their doubts and requests about the platform.

The WAND application is planned for launch during the first trimester of 2019. If you want to know about updates, official dates, and news related to the platform, you can go to their Web portal

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