How to Find Recreational And Medical Marijuana in Los Angeles, California

The World’s First Complete Cannabis And Hemp Directory App is Now Available For Adults to Download

Los Angeles, CA, USA – January 22, 2018 – Great news for the Cannabis Businesses in Los Angeles, California and other areas of the United States where marijuana is legal as Weedmenu is now available for download on iOS and Android platforms. Cannabis businesses can now easily add their listing on the app, which is basically poised to become the largest cannabis directory app worldwide. For all those who are looking to find recreational and medical marijuana in Los Angeles, California, the app is surely going to be a lifesaver.

“We are welcoming cannabis business owners in California to list their businesses on Weedmenu and they can now download Weedmenu with simple ease,” said the spokesperson of Weedmenu, while announcing the launch of the directory app for Cannabis. “The app is only available for adults to download and we are providing a free 90 day trial on the app,” he added. Weedmenu is a SaaS directory platform for the cannabis industry and it is getting a phenomenal response from business owners across California and other areas of the US where medicinal or recreational use of marijuana is legal.

In addition, Weedmenu is focusing on providing a platform for everyday people to have access to all legal cannabis products and services out on the market. Moreover, the app is very simple and user-friendly so that smartphone users of all age groups can download and use it with ease. A lot of senior citizens are finding cannabis backed medicine very useful, especially for the conditions such as arthritis and the app is going to be a major help for them to search for local businesses providing products that they are looking for.

“We are providing a 90 day free trial of app and our rates start as low as $1 dollar a month to place your dispensary listing in our app,” said the spokesperson of Weedmenu, while talking about the rates introduced by the company. In addition to adults, dispensaries and other cannabis businesses can also download the app and add their business listing. Furthermore, iOS, Android and web based users will be able to use this platform with a considerable amount of ease.

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