How to Find Cannabis In Los Angeles Now Made Easier with Weedmenu

Weedmenu is the world’s first complete cannabis and hemp directory that connects customers and businesses through push notification and instant chat. Those who want to find a medical marijuana dispensary near them can download the Weeedmenu app and start exploring right away.

As a SaaS directory platform that caters specifically to the cannabis and hemp industry, Weedmenu allows customers to chat with businesses through the app for faster response time.

“Weedmenu is where hustle and technology meet,” says Ricardo Trujillo, the platform’s marketing director.

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Medical marijuana is used to treat several diseases such as multiple sclerosis, cancer, brain tumors, and Alzheimer’s disease. Canada, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Finland, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands and 30 states in the US have already legalized the use of medical marijuana. According to the new state laws, the individual who wants to get medical marijuana must have at least one ailment on a specific list of medical conditions and this should be diagnosed by a real physician who recommends marijuana as an appropriate medication. A written recommendation is given to the patient. They can take the written recommendation to a medical marijuana dispensary in their state. The dispensary will most likely keep a copy of the letter on file, allowing the patient to buy prescription marijuana from them anytime.

Patients can also send their written recommendation together with other health department forms to their state government. The health department of the state will send them a medical card that they can use at various medical marijuana dispensaries within the state. Patients no longer need to waste a lot of time and effort just to find a medical marijuana dispensary. By using Weedmenu, they can browse dispensary menus and deals, review businesses and products related to medical marijuana and receive notifications of the best deals in their local area.

The platform also helps businesses reach out to more customers. They also have a slogan “Everyone keeps asking what’s on the menu”. Weedmenu’s Geo-location based push notification allows businesses to send push notifications to nearby users about their latest product updates and deals. They can also add their business website’s URL to the directory platform to drive more traffic to their site. Businesses have to improve their online presence to attract more customers.

Weedmenu’s cheap marketing rates can help hemp and cannabis businesses grow. The platform’s instant messaging feature is ideal for communicating with customers in real time. Aside from increasing productivity, this feature also frees up telephone lines for quicker and more seamless response time. The Weedmenu app can be downloaded on Google Play and App Store.

About Weedmenu

Weedmenu is a SaaS directory platform that caters to the cannabis and hemp industry. It allows businesses and customers to connect through Geo-location based push notification and instant chat. The Weedmenu app can be used to search the latest hemp and cannabis products and brands on the market.

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