How To Effectively Prolong The Life Of Hydraulic Breaker?

People engaged in the excavator industry are familiar with breakers.

Many projects need to remove some hard rocks beforeconstruction.At this time, hydraulic breakers are required, and the risk and difficulty factor are higher than ordinary ones.

For the driver, choosing a good hammer, hitting a good hammer, and maintaining a good hammer are the basic skills.

However, in actual operation, in addition to the easy damage of the breaker, the long maintenance time is also a problem that troubles everyone.

Today, Jiwei will teach you a few tips to make the breaker live longer!

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1. Check

The first and most basic point is to check the breaker before use.

In the final analysis, the failure of the breaker of many excavators is due to the slight abnormality of the breaker that has not been detected. For example, is the high and low pressure oil pipe of the breaker loose?

Are there any oil leaks in the pipes?

These small details need to be carefully checked to avoid the oil pipe falling off due to the high-frequency vibration of the crushing operation.

2. Maintenance

Regular quantitative and correct buttering during use: prevent excessive wear of wearing parts and prolong their life.

The maintenance of the hydraulic system of the excavator should also be maintained on time.

If the working environment is bad and the dust is large, the maintenance time needs to be advanced.

3. Precautions

(1)Prevent empty play

The drill chisel is not always perpendicular to the broken object, does not press the object tightly, and does not stop the operation immediately after breaking, and a few empty hits always happen.

When the hammer is working, it should be prevented from empty hitting:Air strike will cause the body, shell, and upper and lower arms to collide cause it to malfunction

Also prevent slanting: Should hit perpendicular to the target Otherwise, the piston moves non-linearly in the cylinder.It will cause scratches on the piston and cylinder, etc.

(2)Chisel shaking

Such behavior must be minimized!Otherwise, the damage of bolts and drill rods will accumulate over time!

(3)Continuous operation

When working continuously on hard objects, the continuous crushing time at the same position should not exceed one minute, mainly to prevent high oil temperature and drill rod damage.

Although the crushing operation has a certain impact on the life of the excavator and hydraulic breaker, it is not difficult to see from the above introduction that the life of the breaker depends on whether the daily use and maintenance work are done properly.

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