How to distinguish which woodworking glue is better?

Woodworking glue refers to the adhesive used for splicing wood products such as laminated timber. The main agent of woodworking glue that is suitable for splicing non-structural timber and laminated timber for structural timber is a specially made polythene with excellent waterproof effect. For vinyl acetate emulsions, the curing agent is generally isocyanate. The main agent is milky white viscous liquid, and the curing agent is light brown. The main agent of woodworking glue can generally be used alone as finger joint glue.


As the saying goes, details determine success or failure. In wood construction, good woodworking glue has high strength and stable performance, which can not only greatly improve work efficiency, but also ensure product quality, improve product quality, and bring long-term and stable cooperation. Inferior glue often Make it difficult for woodworkers to fail in long-term production. So how to distinguish wood glue which is good? Here are some common methods.

1. Look at the qualifications before use

Good glue has test reports from regular national channels, application certificates recommended by the industry, and many application cases from major customers. People can get a clear understanding from the supplier when purchasing, and obtain test reports, qualification certificates, and application cases when necessary.

2, Smell during use

Good glue has a faint odor after opening. After the glue becomes transparent, the taste will almost not disappear at all. There is no discomfort through the eyes or body during the use and management process. After the work is completed, we can not smell it at all To the smell of glue. Inferior glue may often have such an unpleasant or pungent smell after opening, which will last for a long time, and even affect the smell of the construction project within a few days after the completion of the project.

3, test after use

Take the problem of two pieces of wood or pass the test of two pieces of paper to observe the time management and development of the paper break or break. Good glue has fast strength and high strength, while inferior glue we tend to have slow strength and low strength. If conditions permit, people can also do some related professional tests, such as cooling and heating system cycle tests, boiling water stripping performance tests, etc.

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