How to distinguish Chinese Tang Dao from Japanese samurai Dao

There are four kinds of Chinese Sword in China: Yi Dao, barrier Dao, horizontal Dao and Mo Dao. Horizontal Dao, the Chinese Sword first spread to Japan, has a straight shape. Later, it was gradually changed into a curved shape by the Japanese. Now, the shape of the Japanese Samurai Sword is a curved shape with an arc on the blade. The horizontal Dao, which is now called “Tang Dadao” horizontal Dao, was developed based on the improvement of the two handed Dao and the ring head Dao of the Han Dynasty. The ring at the tail of the handle, which is rare in the Han Dynasty, was removed, and the short handle was extended to a long handle that can be used with both hands, making it a long straight Dao with narrow blade and thick ridge that can be used with both hands. Its basic shape is very similar to that of the “Japanese Samurai Sword”, However, the blade and blade of the Tang Dynasty’s horizontal knife are basically straight, unlike the rare Japanese knife “the curved Tang Dynasty’s horizontal knife with radian, which is in the shape of a straight knife. It can be said that the shape of the “Japanese Samurai Sword” is generally plagiarized from the “horizontal Dao” style of Chinas Tang Dynasty. Although it is embarrassing for the Japanese who like to flaunt the attack power of the “Japanese Samurai Sword”, this is indeed the real history. The forging technology of horizontal knife was extremely advanced in the world at that time. The forged blade was extremely sharp and used for both walking and riding. The technology of manufacturing horizontal knife was later learned by Japan, which made the reputation of Japanese knife later generations.

Japanese samurai Dao is a very famous Dao in Japan and even in the world. In fact, the samurai sword in Japan was originally evolved according to the Chinese Sword in ancient China. Chinese Sword is also quite famous in China, and it was once a special military knife on the battlefield.

Which is more powerful, Chinese Sword or Samurai Dao? What’s the difference between Chinese Sword and samurai Dao.

Generally speaking, the body of Japanese samurai Dao has a certain radian, while Chinese Sword mostly adopts straight body shape. However, in fact, some Ninja knives take the shape of straight blade, and there are also curved ones in Chinese Sword. It is sometimes unreliable to distinguish Samurai Dao from Chinese Sword according to whether the blade is bent or not.

The biggest difference between Chinese Sword and Japanese Samurai Sword is that Chinese Sword has a straight edge. Japanese Samurai Sword or other Dao have radians, but some Chinese Sword in the late Tang Dynasty also have radians. Now it’s expensive to order a real folding pattern steel Chinese Sword. Japanese Samurai Sword is directly related to Chinese Sword. Its advantage is sharp and high hardness, but its disadvantage is high cost and irreparable.

Chinese Chinese Sword and German mountain knife can be said to be the best of them. The shape of Japanese Samurai Sword is very similar to that of Chinese Sword. During the Tang Dynasty, a new type of Dao was developed. The head of the Dao has no ring. The handle is wrapped with an iron stem with a wooden clip, wrapped with silk rope. The head of the Dao is wrapped with metal ornaments. The handle and sheath are inlaid with gold, inlaid with jade and wrapped with mackerel leather. The decoration is very gorgeous. Japan calls it “Tang like broadsword”. Up to now, there are still handed down products of the same type for reference in Zhengcang yard. After careful imitation by the Japanese, On this basis, the later samurai sword was developed.


Japanese Samurai Sword is basically the same as foil. It’s OK to fight alone. If you want to go to the battlefield, prepare 50 for standby. Basically, on the Korean battlefield in Wanli, the Japanese Samurai Sword met the machete team of the Ming Dynasty and was cut off with the Dao and people. The weight of the machete equipped at that time was 12kg The weight of Japanese knife is between 0.8 and 1.2kg. China began to make swords very early, and the swords widely used in war were first evolved from swords in the Han Dynasty. The width of the body of Han swords is the same as that of swords, and they are also as straight as swords. The blade is cut on one side, the back is thicker, and heavier than swords. The handle is forged with the body as a whole. There is a ring at the end of the handle, which is called “iron sword with ring handle”. Han swords were unearthed in Japan. Japanese Swords originated from Han swords, and then continue to absorb the making method of Tang swords. Japanese Samurai Sword mainly consists of four parts: 1 jade Gang, 2 dark light pattern Gang, 3 wrapped Gang method, 4 local quenching, among which jade Gang is high carbon gang. Although it is hard, it is easy to be brittle. Both dark light pattern gang and wrapped Gang method were passed down together with the shape of Dao and two handed sword school in the Tang Dynasty. Therefore, the Japanese Samurai Sword at that time was not called Samurai Dao, but Tangyang broadsword, The Japanese use high-temperature tempering (or low-temperature tempering, I forgot to check). Although it can improve the hardness, it is easy to be brittle. The hardness of the Japanese knife is 58-60, which can be higher, but it will make the blade easy to break. In terms of hardness, the Japanese knife is very excellent, but in terms of durability, it is completely waste. Its disadvantages are: short service life, irreparable, and easy to break like a toy.

Chinese Sword is a kind of war knife of the army, so its biggest function is to fight. Its manufacturing technology is very strict, and it adopts very advanced steel clad technology. However, Hip Hop Jewelry does not simply refer to a certain kind of Dao, but the general name of four military Dao styles in Sui Dynasty and Tang Dynasty. Samurai Dao generally refers to Japanese Samurai Sword. Its biggest feature is that it has a strong artistic flavor, so it is always collected as art works.

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